Year 5 – Maths (27.3.20)

Good morning, Year 5! We hope that your first week of distance learning has gone well. How have you found being independent in your learning? What have you done to help yourself if you have got stuck? What have you enjoyed the most? Keep working on challenging yourselves.

Do have a look at ‘Remote Learning for 7-11 Year Olds’ on the school blog. It has a list of lots of online resources you can use whilst you learn from home. You can also access free audiobooks for children on Audible.

Remember to do lots of reading, take regular breaks and make time to play too!

Enjoy the weekend when it comes!

Year 5 – Maths (25.3.20)

Good morning, Year 5! We hope that you have been working hard but also taking some time to relax and play.

Today your maths is about 5- and 6- digit numbers. These tasks are a good opportunity for you to go over your understanding of place value. For questions 14 – 16, remember that knowing the place value makes adding and subtracting mentally very quick and easy!