5A – Our Final Sharing Assembly

This is our last Sharing Assembly! I hope that you have enjoyed seeing what other children in the class have been doing since we had to leave school – I definitely have.

We only have a couple of things to share but they are good ones:

Erin shared some of her memories from this year:
My favourite memory is…. well actually I have two. My first one is when we made the soups and this one is kinda random but when we were reading flotsam for English and then we had to act it out in groups. Oh, actually i have one more, and when we went to WICK COURT FARMMM! I really liked that.

Thank you for sharing your fantastic drawings! It has been great to see how hard you have been working on your sketching skills.

Even if you haven’t shared today, I hope you have been able to think of some good memories from year 5. Keep busy over the holidays! Read lots, try new things and play outside when you can. I that hope you all have a wonderful summer!

5A – Preparing for our final Sharing Assembly!

Good morning, 5A! I’m getting ready to post our final sharing assembly tomorrow. I didn’t receive anything at all last week πŸ™ but would love to be able to share as much as possible this final time πŸ™‚.

What was your favourite memory from year 5? Was there a topic or activity that you enjoyed? Something you achieved that you feel proud of? A moment that still makes you laugh? You can draw or create something to celebrate our year instead.

Email your memories and photos to our class email address: 5Ahomelearning@holbeach.lewisham.sch.uk. I will compile them and post them tomorrow!

Year 5 & 6 Maths 16.07.2020

Division Rules!

Begin by deciding which number you are going to be dividing by. This is your divisor.

Your challenge is going to be to come up with some rules for this divisor.

Now generate a three-digit number. This is your dividend.

Use the spinners here to generate the digits, you could use dice or could just use your imagination!

Now divide your dividend by your divisor. Record the answer.

Create other dividends and divide them by the same divisor.

Record the answers.

Look carefully at the answers and answer the following questions:

When is the answer a whole number? When is there a remainder of 1?
Can you spot any patterns?
Can you come up with any rules?

Goodbye, 5A!

The end of term is nearly here which means the last day of being in 5A. It isn’t the end of year that we were expecting! I am disappointed that we didn’t get to finish as we would have wanted to but I am so glad for the time that we had as a class.

I remember meeting you for the first time in the library last year and can see how much you have all grown. You are now a group of taller, increasingly confident and independent learners that it has been a pleasure to teach. Given that you were a mixed-up group at the start of the school year, you should be very proud of how you have all come together to create a wonderful new class.

I am sure that you will have an incredibly successful time in year 6 with Miss Felton and I can’t wait to see what you all achieve! I hope that you have a lovely rest over the summer and return to school ready to take on everything your final year at Holbeach has to offer.

Remember to always be curious and ask questions!

Ms Akitoye

Year 5 & 6 Science & Design Technology

Jellybean Joy!

Happy Good Vibes GIF by Lisa Vertudaches - Find & Share on GIPHY

You will need:

A bag of jelly beans or mini marshmallows.

A packet of cocktail sticks

Jelly Bean Towers

Can you build a free standing tower than measures 10cm, 20cm, 30cm?

Jelly Bean Book Stand

Can you create a structure that is strong enough to hold a book placed on top of it?

Year 5 & 6 Maths 15.07.2020

Multiplication Squares!

In the 2Γ—2 multiplication square below, the boxes at the end of each row and the foot of each column give the result of multiplying the two numbers in that row or column e.g. 7 x 5 = 35 or 4 x 5 = 20.

The 3Γ—3 multiplication square below works in the same way. The boxes at the end of each row and the foot of each column give the result of multiplying the three numbers in that row or column.

Can you find the missing numbers?

The numbers 1βˆ’9 may be used once and once only.

Challenge – Is there more than one possible set of answers for each row or column?