5A’s Sharing Assembly

Good morning, 5A! Welcome to our Sharing Assembly. Thank you to those of you who have shared this week – there is some lovely work. 🙂



Audrey has created an online picture book for her young cousins to enjoy. You can click on the image above or find it here. It looks very professional – well done, Audrey!


Aamori’s Rome fact file makes me want to take a trip there! Where in Italy would you like to visit?
Aamori has written about Guru Nanak. What did you find most interesting about his life?


Poppy has been working on her Roman numerals. How would you write the year you were born using Roman numerals?


Ibrahim’s coordinates work needed concentration. Do you remember the rules for translating shapes?


Erin’s comic strip covers the lives of Romulus and Remus! What would you say is the most important part of the story?
Erin has also shared her diary entry for Faustulus on the day he found the twins. Do you think he did the right thing? Why?

Have a lovely weekend, 5A!