Year 2 Home Learning 17.10.19

We have had a busy half term in Year 2. We have been computer programmers, scientists, story writers and mathematicians.

Over the half term holidays you could practice your 2, 5 and 10 times tables. How many times table questions can you answer in 2 minutes?

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You can also practise counting in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s forwards and backwards.

We have read some great stories by Julia Donaldson, our author focus. You might want to visit the library to read other stories she has written or to read books by other authors. Don’t forget to read every day to an adult at home.

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Home Learning 10.10.19

This week we have been investigating number bonds to 10 and 20. You can listen to this song to improve your recall of your number bonds. How quickly can you say all of your number bonds to 10?

We looked at making addition and subtraction number sentences from these number bonds.

E.g 1+9 = 10 9+1 = 10 10 – 9 = 1 10 – 1 = 9 We called these number families, where we use the same 3 numbers to make 4 different number sentences.

Can you use your number bonds to 10 to help you record number families for numbers to 20?

*Challenge* – You could use your number bonds to help you record number families for numbers to 30, 40 or maybe 100.

2T’s visit to the Horniman Museum

On Tuesday 2T went to visit the Horniman museum to find out more about toys from around the world.

It was a busy and wet journey on the bus but we made it!

When we arrived we had a chance to look around the Natural History and Gallery. We saw lots of different animals.

After lunch we went to the Pavillion for the toy workshop. The lady told us about some toys that came from different countries. Then we had the opportunity to explore different toys. We looked closely at toys made from recycled materials, we experimented with push and pull toys. We also looked at toys you can tell stories with and that were for hand eye coordination and learning. We all had a fantastic time.

Home Learning 26.09.19

This week we went on an educational visit to the Hornimans Museum. Whilst we were there we found out about toys from all around the world.

Can you find out about a toy that comes from another country? What is is made from? How do children play with it?

Image result for toys from around the world
Image result for toys from around the world

In class we have also been looking at using the suffixes -ed, -er and -est.

Whilst you are reading, look out for words that have these suffixes. e.g jumped, softer, greatest.

Maths at Holbeach

The teaching of Maths has changed a lot over the years and we are aware that your child will be learning in very different ways to how you were taught at school!

Your child will be coming home with a ‘Parents Guide to Maths’ for their year group, outlining the expectations for the year, what they will be taught and how you can support their understanding at home.

The leaflet covers all the areas of Maths, with examples and diagrams to help you. You can download the leaflets for all the year groups below.

Year 2 Home Learning 19.9.19

Tomorrow you will be taking home your gruffalo puppet theatre!

Can you use your theatre to tell the story of the gruffalo to someone at home?

This week we have also been making changes to the story – share your changes with someone at home.

What other characters could you include? You could write or tell your own version at home with even more new characters. Who else lives in the deep dark woods?

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