Stories we have read and our theatre visit!

These are the stories we have been reading this week:

What was funny about the story ‘George and the Dragon’?

Where did the bear go in the story ‘Bears Don’t Read’?

This week 2S also went to the Albany theatre to hear the story of ‘The Little Prince’. We took the bus from Catford and arrived at the theatre. We took our seats and eagerly anticipated the show.

The show started with lots of happy music and dancing that the children enjoyed watching. It was a great story with a lovely message about ‘small things that matter’. Tell someone at home about the show.

What parts did you like? What was your favourite part? Is there a small thing that you might start doing to make a difference? (e.g putting paper in the recycling bin. Helping at home by putting your toys away, getting up and getting dressed straight away in the morning?)

Have a wonderful half-term 2S!! See you on Monday the 24th of February. Miss Spicer 🙂

Year 2 Home Learning – 13.2.20

This week, we read a book called ‘The Trouble with Dragons’. It told the story of how dragons were ruining the planet and not looking after the environment! This story led to discussions, which made us think about the things that we could do to help look after our environment.

Over the half term, make a poster, write a list or even take photographs of all the different ways that you help to look after our environment. Try to include other things that you may not be doing, but would like to try.

Do you recycle paper or plastic? Do you walk or cycle to school? How do you try to save water?

To help you, research online for more ideas or even visit your local library to find more information!

Have a lovely half term!

Sharing Stories

These are the stories we have been sharing this week. We have read stories with lots of different characters and Hasan brought a book that he has been reading at home to show. He gave a great summary of what he has read so far.

Do these stories remind you of any others that you have read?

Can you remember any of the rules for attending the party in “You must bring a hat”?

What was your favourite thing you have read this week?

Year 2 Home Learning – 30.1.20

Next week we will be practising our multiplication skills in Maths.

This week try practising your 2, 5 and 10 times table. You could show someone at home the dance that we have been using to help us.

You may want to play this game to practise identifying multiples of 2, 5 and 10.

You can play this game to test how quickly you can answer multiplication questions.

Here is a song to also practice counting forwards and backwards in tens.

Don’t forget to practice couting forwards and backwards in tens from any number. eg. 78, 68, 58, 48…

Changing shapes of Materials

Today we have been investigating how the shapes of solid objects made from some materials can be changed.

We looked at 4 different ways to change the shape of the object. These were:

Before we did this, we looked at the items to make a prediction. Then we had a go at gently twisting, stretching, bending and squashing each item.

We recorded our results in a table.

What property do you think makes tea towels good for their purpose?

Why would you need to be able to squash a sponge?

When you stretch playdough, what happens to it?