Year 1 Sharing Assembly

Welcome to our Year 1 Sharing Assembly. We will be sharing work from both at home and at school!

At school, everyone has settled well into their bubble classes. It’s been a busy week! We have had lots of fun with our friends.

This bubble are sharing some English work. We have thought about what we would like to be when we grow up. Great ideas!

Great Maths too!

Here are some more marvellous Mathematicians!

We have been playing, reading, counting and drawing with our friends!

We have been preparing for the Year 1 carnival this week! I love the costumes! We have also drawn our own timelines and had a go at the cloud experiment! Well done!

Oscar has been designing a Rainbow Croc for his carnival outfit! He is bright, colourful and has snappy teeth. Super Maths and History too! Well done!

Lorenzo has been busy with his Maths this week! Well done Lorenzo!

Kemela has been busy with Maths too! Well done!

Thank you Year 1. You are all superstars!!

Children at home- don’t forget to send your carnival dances to us! We can’t wait to make a big Year 1 carnival video!

Year 1 Maths: Place Value

It’s Friday, and we are doing brilliantly. It’s time to see how counting and grouping in tens can help us with numbers.

Watch this clip, and sing the song about place value:

Now try this:

Keep going, how many tens and ones? Can you read and say the numbers?

eg: 3 tens and 8 ones is 38

Now try it with hundreds, tens and units:

Wow! That was a lot of work. Can you read and say the numbers now?

Year 1 Maths: Counting coins, more or less…

WE need to be able to count in groups in the real world. When we use money, our coins count in 1’s, 2’s, 5’s 10’s, 20’s, 50’s, 100’s and 200’s.

Do you know which coin is which? Try this to help you. How many (pennies=1’s) is each coin worth?

Now try counting these coins, remember you are looking for more:

Now try finding the purse with less coins:

Now you can try adding a value to your coins. Are they 1p or £1, 50p, 2p? You choose. Now count them to make totals of groups of numbers.

Year 1 Maths: Counting in 10’s

Another Monday!

Take a look at this, to start you thinking about counting in groups of 10 and 1.

Now have a go at this:

Now try making your own groups of 10’s and 1’s.

You can draw them, or try counting things by putting them into groups.

Here’s one to get started. How many?

Year One Reading

Hello Year One, I hope you’re all well and happy.

Here’s a book I really love, I hope you enjoy it too.

Have a look at this picture, say what you can see, then say what you think about the picture, remember your evidence.

“I can see……”

“I think ……………because……………….”

Where are they?

What is the yellow thing?

How is the girl in front of the yellow thing feeling?

What else do you notice?

Here is the full story.

What helps you when you’re worried?

Let me know what you think of the story.

Year One


Word Search

When Julian looks in the mirror he sees himself becoming a mermaid.

What do you see yourself becoming when you grow up? Draw a picture and write about what you might become, it could be a real thing or imaginary, let your imagination run wild!

Year One carnival

Film yourself dancing to our carnival song, a small clip will do, email it to your teacher and we’ll make Year one carnival video. Families are welcome to join in too!


Design a carnival costumes.





1L’s Sharing Assembly

Happy Friday 1L! We have lots to enjoy again at our fabulous sharing assembly. Well done to everyone.

Ianis is in Romania with his family. Here he is with a baby cow. Do you know the name for a baby cow?

It’s lovely to see your happy, smiling face Ianis and what a cute calf too.

Sam has been designing, calculating and writing. I just love your peom! Well done!

At school, we have been enjoying the lovely weather. We made arrays in the water tray and kept nice and cool!

We also looked at the sky and made different shades of blue.

Stella has been busy with her Maths, spelling and Art! I also really love your poster!! Well done!

Oscar has been learning about the water cycle- great science! Oscar made his own book- I love that! Super Maths too! Well done Oscar!

Here is a sky collage by Stella, Luka and Sam. It’s beautiful. Thank you.

Luka has been enjoying arrays this week- horaaaarry! I also love your blue sky painting and your suitcase drawing! Well done, Luka!

Well done to everyone.

I am looking forward to seeing some of you next week in school. If you are still at home next week, I will see you here on the blog.

Have a great weekend and keep being fabulous! x