Year 1 Sharing Assembly!

Hello Year 1. We hope you have all had a wonderful week!

We have lots of hard work to share!

Saniyah has designed her own ‘Wild Thing!’ This is the Hungry Monster so you had better run fast!!

More wild work here and fun in the water!

Great drawings of some wild things, boat fun and drama too!

Even more Wild Things!

Here are some more photos from our carnival day πŸ™‚

Map making, boat making and MORE wild things!! AHHH!

Well done Year 1! Have a great week and see you next week for our final week before the holidays!

Our ‘Black Lives Matter’ Competition Results!

Winner GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

We are delighted to announce the winners of our ‘Black Lives Matter poster competition. Please see the letter below for results and the judges comments.

Congratulations to Samir, Aaliyah and Charlie – all worthy winners. Will you three now choose a book each from the selection below? Add your choice in the comments section or send your choice to your class email.

We will add a book plate to commemorate your win and make sure your chosen book reaches you next week.

Samir’s poster will be framed and placed in the entrance area of our school, sending a clear message to all our visitors.

Once again, thank you to all our Holbeach artists who entered the competition. Plans are underway to display all your entries in our school in September. πŸ™‚

Have a great weekend and stay safe πŸ™‚

Our ‘Black Lives Matter’ Poster Competition Finalists

Please join us in congratulating the following children who have been chosen as finalists in their year group.

Samuel (RW), Luna (1B), Autumn (2T), Sapphire (3K), Charlie (4s), Samir (5A) and Aaliya (6L).

Photographs of their posters have now been sent to the Young Mayor’s office for the very difficult job of choosing an overall winner. The winner will be announced here soon.

Thank you to all of you who entered our competition. You never cease to amaze us with your creativity and your talent. We are hoping to display all of your powerful posters in school in September so be sure to look out for yours then πŸ™‚

Samuel RW
Luna 1B
Autumn 2T
Sapphire 3K
Charlie 4S
Samir 5A
Aaliyah 6L

Our ‘Black Lives Matter’ Poster Competition Gallery

Hello Everyone,

Welcome to our virtual gallery! We are delighted to announce we have had over 70 sensational entries for our ‘Black Lives Matter’ poster competition. We weren’t planning to share all of them but they are simply too wonderful not to. All entries have organised into year groups so finding your entry should be easy.

Why don’t you spend some time looking at all of the entries? The Young Mayor and his advisors are going to have a very difficult job choosing their favourite. Which poster would you choose (apart from yours!) ? πŸ˜€

Once again, thank you for creating and sending your poster. We feel very proud to have a school packed with such talented, compassionate children.

The winning entry will be announced next week. Good Luck! πŸ™‚

Early Years – Nursery & Reception

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Year Six

Year 1 Maths: Tick, tock.

We use clocks to tell the time.

Clocks with hands are called analogue clocks.

Clocks with only numbers are called digital clocks.

To show o’clock the big hand (minute hand) will point to the 12. To show half past the big hand (minute hand) will point to the 6. Watch this to help you remember.

Now try this:

Ok. Now try half past:

Now try telling the time when you see a clock.

Year 1 Maths: Making maps

We use maps in our every day life. They help us find our way around. Pirates used to make treasure maps. Look at this pirate map:

Now see if you can say where these things are on the map. You will need direction words. Here are some to get you started: near, next to, alongside , behind, above, over, below, under, top, bottom

Keep using those maths words to describe direction…

Describing how to get to the treasure chest is called mapping a route. Did you manage to get the pirate there? Can you tell the pirate how to get from the treasure chest to Mermaid Rock?

Year 1: Geography: Mapping a journey.

Watch this story to help you think about journeys.

Now try describing these journeys:

Make a map of a journey that you know about. Start from your home. Are you…?

Going to the shops?

Going to school?

Going to the park?

Remember to draw the important things on your journey to help you find your way.

Use some direction words and arrows to describe the route. Happy mapping!

Distance Learning Year 1: W/B 06/07/2020

Here is this week’s plan.

Science: Can you build a boat that floats? Why do boats float?

You can use paper, or recyclables from home. A box? A bottle? Test some things out.

Here’s a way to build a boat from a bottle:

Music: Let’s all play our drum. Give it a try, you can clap it out!

Geography: Make a map of a journey you have been on. Listen to this story to help you get started. Then check out our separate Geography post.

Wellbeing: Have you ever found it hard to get someone to listen to you?

Have you ever been too busy to listen to someone else? What would you have done, if you were Bernard and you saw a monster?

English: Where the Wild Things Are. Listen to the story, and look at the pictures. Max goes on a journey to the land of the wild things. If you have the book, you can read along.

Now describe a journey you would like to make. It can be to somewhere real or a place you imagine. How will you get there? What dangers will you face? What will you need to take with you?

Maths: Try this game to practise telling the time. Daily maths is on a separate post on the blog.

Phonics: Tricky words. Here is a song about tricky words. Try the tricky words. Can you remember and spell them all?

Computing: Try these typing games to perfect your keyboard skills.