I hope everyone is ok. I also hope to see you all next week. It’s been sooooo long!

Here are some photos of some of your classmates and the things that they have been doing.

i think Sayde is really missing school.
I’ve really miss you and your beautiful art-work Sayde.
Taiya has been making a Supertato book. I love it! It looks like she made the characters for the story too out of old vegetables.
Akif has drawn a monster. Yikes! – its so scary!

Thank-you for sending me your fabulous work. Please keep them coming!

Take care lovelies.

See you next week! – in the, meantime stay safe.

Lots and lots of love. Xxxx

A little bit Brave

Listen to the story of A Little Bit Brave. Think about what bravery means. We all show bravery in lots of different ways. Being brave might mean facing a problem when you’re unsure about how to solve it but you have a go anyway. Being brave isn’t an easy thing to do! Often your feelings, such as feeling worried or scared, might get in the way of feeling brave. However, that doesn’t mean that you aren’t being brave. With an adult talk about why Logan was scared? Have you been scared of anything before? Why? What did you do to overcome it? What does it mean to be brave? Can you think of a time when you have had to be brave? You could draw a picture and write a sentence about it!

Work with your grown up to make some biscuits like Logan takes with him on his adventure on the story. Help your grown measure out the ingredients and so on. How many biscuits will you make? How long will it take in the oven? What temperature does it need to be? There are lots of simple biscuit recipes available online.

Below is a great video explaining all about what bravery feels like.