Reading/Blog Buddies: 1B & 2S

Yesterday, 2S invited us to their Toy Exhibition, it was absolutely fantastic! We enjoyed looking at all the toys they had made. We asked lots of questions and some of us were even inspired to make some of our own toys once we got back to class!

Thank you 2S for inviting us!

Today, we all went to the library together for the first time (we will now be meeting our Reading/Blog Buddies every week). We enjoyed reading books together and getting to know each other.


This week: The Three Bears

This week we have been learning the story of ‘The Three Bears’! We made and tasted some porridge…

‘It was yummy!’ – Jimmy

‘I like it with jam AND honey!’ – Hadassa

Yesterday, we wrote instructions to help us make porridge at home. We used the words ‘First, next, after that, then and finally’ to sequence the steps.

Today, we used lego to make The Three Bear’s cottage, chairs and beds!

We also retold the story using different props, hats and puppet theatre!


The Tiger Who Came to Tea

In 1B we have been working hard to write the story of ‘The Tiger Who Came to Tea’. Today, we had a special visit from Miss Little and her cat, Albert! As a class we recited part of the story for Albert and some of us also read the stories which we had written. Albert REALLY enjoyed our stories and we LOVED having Albert in our class!

Thank you Miss Little and Albert for visiting 1B!