Home Learning – 26.5.22

Hello Year 2,

For your Home Learning this week, we would like you to catch up on any pieces of Home Learning which you might have missed over the last few weeks. Remember to check the blog as well as MyMaths.

Barham Church of England Primary School

If you are up to date with everything, then we would like you to can rewrite a traditional tale of your choice! Remember what we did with Little Red Riding Hood. We changed the setting and some of the characters. You can draw a story map to help you, write the story itself or even make a puppet theatre!

Have a great half term!

Miss Butler and Miss Townsend πŸ™‚

Home Learning 28.4.22

Hello Year 2,

This week, we have been writing our own riddles based on minibeasts! For your Home Learning, we would like you to write your own riddles on a thing of your choice. For example:

Children love to play with me.
I am not useful indoors.
Don’t tangle my long string.
Look up and watch me dance.
Run if you want me to fly faster.
What am I?

Answer: A Kite!

Remember to include:
1. Hard clue
2. Medium clue
3. Easy clue
4. Question

We’re looking forward to hearing your riddles!

Miss Butler & Miss Townsend πŸ™‚

Football Taster Session – 2B

Today, we had lots of fun learning and practicing our football skills with coaches Jarrad and Daniel from the Catford Wanderers Football Academy! After playing a few warm up games, we then had the opportunity to play some matches!

REMEMBER, if you’d like to take part in more sessions with Coach Jarrad, please use the coupon you were given for a free session!

Well done 2B, and thanks again to Coach Jarrad and Coach Daniel for a great afternoon!

2B’s Class Assembly!

‘I feel so proud!’ – Phoebe
‘I had happy tears’ – Lilly
‘It was GREAT!’ – Florence

‘I am very, very, very, very happy!’ – Ned
‘I am so happy we got to do an assembly for the first time!’ – Heisi
‘It was emotional’ – Samuel O
‘We were brave’ – Bogdan
‘We were nervous but excited’ – Haroun D

Well done 2B, you were all BRILLIANT! A huge thank you to all of our adults for their support too! πŸ™‚

Home Learning – 24.3.22

Hello Year 2,

Our topic β€˜Fire, Fire’ is sadly coming to an end! To round off everything we have learnt about The Great Fire of London, we would like you to present all of your knowledge in any way you choose. For example, you might wish to create a poster, design/make a model of a house from 1666, draw pictures or even write a list of facts – it’s up to you!

We look forward to seeing all of your work!

Miss Butler and Miss Townsend 😊

Home Learning – 10.3.22

Hello Year 2,

For your home learning this week, we would like you to practise your spellings! How many words can you spelling? Can you come up with a game to help you learn how to spell the words that you don’t know?

Let us know how you get on! (If you can, bring in any games that you make).

Miss Butler and Miss Townsend πŸ™‚