Year 2 – Home Learning 23.3.23

Hello Year 2,

This week, we made bread rolls! We then used our experience of making the rolls to help us write the instructions needed. Can you remember how we made them?

For your Home Learning, we would like you to write the instructions needed to make a simple recipe or something else of your choice. Do you know the steps needed to make your favourite meal? Maybe you know how to make a sandwich. You can even choose to write the instructions on how to make a dish from a different country! Don’t forget to use your time connectives (first, next, then, after that, finally etc).

Bring your instructions in to show the class (you can draw pictures too) or post them in the comments below so we can all give them a try at home.

Miss Butler and Ms Lowinger πŸ™‚

Year 2 Home Learning – 16.3.23

Hello Year 2,

In Science, we have been learning about Living Things. For your Home Learning this week, we would like you to go to the park to see if you can find any animals, eg. squirrels, birds, insects.

Draw a picture of the animals you spot AND their habitats. You can also draw any trees and plants you see too!

Miss Butler and Ms Lowinger πŸ™‚

2B – London Fire Brigade!

As part of our topic, ‘Fire, Fire!’ we received a visit from the London Fire Brigade! How has the Fire Brigade changed since 1666? What was your favourite part of the afternoon?

‘I liked seeing my friends wearing the helmet!’ – Noah
‘I liked when we saw all the hoses’ – Emmanuella
‘The firefighters made it rain with the hose and it went on my face!’ – Malaika
‘I enjoyed everything!!!’ – Jacob C
‘When we were in the truck one of the fire fighters told us a funny joke!’ – Orla
β€˜The helmet was quite heavy’ – Olivia
‘The whole thing was so fun!’ – Lilly-Rose
‘I liked looking at the big scissors (jaws of life)’ – Victoria
‘Looking at the air tanks was fun!’ – Frida

Year 2 Home Learning – 2.3.23

Hello Year 2,

In Geography, we have started learning about the oceans and continents that make up our wonderful world! Can you remember the names of all 7 continents and 5 oceans? (Answers below).

Use the mnemonic to help you remember the continents of the world?
Eat An Apple After A Night-time Snack

For your Home Learning, we would like you to design a poster showing any information/facts you find out about one of the continents. Remember to bring your work in to show the class!

Miss Butler and Ms Lowinger πŸ™‚

Continents Europe, Antarctica, Asia, Africa, Australasia, North America and South America

Oceans – Arctic Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, Indian Ocean, Pacific Ocean and Southern Ocean

Year 2 Home Learning – 23.2.23

Hello Year 2,

What a great first week back you have all had – keep up the hard work!

For your Home Learning, we would like you to use your story map to practise retelling the story, ‘Charlie’s Bag’. Try to remember the actions we came up with to help you remember the story.

Miss Butler and Ms Lowinger πŸ™‚