Red Class & Stick Man

Last week, we were artists and scientists, we went to investigate the tree in our playground. We discussed the colours, shapes and patterns we could see. We felt the bark and collected leaves from the ground, we discussed what the tree looks like now and made predictions about how it will change over the next few weeks. We drew detailed pictures of the Autumn tree. We will visit the tree again soon, to see how it has changed.

We painted our Diwali Diyas. We’ve got some future potters here!

We have been talking about the Christmas story and about what Christians believe about Christmas.

Red Class, Diwali & Leaf Man

We have been busy making Diva pots for Diwali. We shaped the pinch pots carefully, thinking about making it big enough for a candle and adding texture. When it was dry we added colours.

We made pictures inspired by Leaf Man. Have you seen him blowing by?

We looked at work by Architect Elsie Owusu. Then, we were architects, creating incredible buildings.

We made fantastic firework pictures.

Red Class, Bucket fillers!

This week, we have been sharing the story Have you filled a bucket today?

It is all about happiness and kindness. We aim to be bucket fillers not dippers!

We will be looking at work by the artists Chris Ofili and Frank Bowling.

We were inspired by Chris Ofili’s No Woman, No cry, to make pictures thinking about feelings.

We have been listening to and watching the Hair Love story. We were inspired to create hair styles of our own.

In PE we played the mirror game, carefully copying our partners moves.

We went back to the library for some reading and counting.

This is our rhyme of the week;