Red Class and the Dragon Eggs

Red Class are a curious crew and we wondered what dragon eggs might taste like. So, we wrote a letter to the dragon to ask for some eggs. We sent a class letter, full of flattery like the Paper Bag Princess uses, and a decorated envelope each.

The next day, Mrs. Davidson delivered an urgent parcel to us after lunch, inside was a letter from the dragon and each of our envelopes had a dragon’s egg inside!

We all wrote back to the dragon to thank him for the eggs and to let him know what we thought of them. Thank you dragon!

Red Class and The Big Bad Wolf

We have been learning the story of The Three Little Pigs. Last week, we learnt the story with actions, we made puppets and took them home to tell the story to our families, we drew wolves and labeled their features.

This week, we made ourselves into the big bad wolf and wrote speech bubbles.

We even started making a dance to tell the story in PE!