Red Class get frosty & festive

On Monday, we had great fun investigating the ice all around our playground. There was lots of crunching and cracking, and slipping and sliding.

All the freezing frost got us feeling festive, so we put up our tree. Everyone helped decorate, it’s beautiful!

We have started learning some Christmas songs and the Christmas story

We also enjoyed the Raymond Briggs story The Bear

(particularly the part in the bathroom!)

Red Class Blast Off!

It’s been another action packed week in Red Class.

In outside PE we have been practising out football skills. We started our PE lessons traveling in lots of different ways, then we played traffic lights and the bean game. These games are great for our listening skills and our physical skills. We keep moving so we keep warm.

When we were all warmed up we practiced passing the ball to our partner and stopping the ball. Then, we carefully dribbled the balls round cones.

There is a beautiful tree in our playground and how it looks changes throughout the year. We went to look and it and we talked about the shapes, colours and patterns we could see. We thought about how it might look different in a few weeks. We drew the tree so we can see how it changes.

We went on a stick hunt. We found lots of wonderful sticks, you’ll be seeing them in our artwork soon. We also found a brilliant wall for jumping off and loads of crunchy leaves for throwing.

We watched Wallace and Gromit fly to the moon in search of cheese. We drew our own rockets and labeled the things we would pack to take to the moon. Lots of us chose spaghetti!

We listened to the story of baby bear and his trip up the chimney, woosh! Just like baby bear we wanted a moon picnic, we drew our picnic. There were so many yummy foods, it made us hungry!