Red Class at Dragon School!

Congratulations Dragons! What a busy day we’ve had at Dragon school.

In the Morning, we made fire and ice sandwiches (cream cheese or jam).

In the afternoon, we went to Dragon school.

We have made our own books on how to be a dragon so we are experts.

The first lesson was flying!

Lesson two was roaring!

Lesson three was blowing fire.

Watch out, it’s hot!!

Lesson four was capturing a royal.

Lesson five was fighting a knight.

All the way through Dragon School, the Headmistress was watching us!

We asked her questions and she blew smoke to let us know what she thought! At the end we asked her if we had all passed Dragon School and she blew loads of smoke to let us know we were fully qualified dragons! Well done Red Class!

Dragon school is hard work, so when we were finished we had our dragon picnic.

Finally, it was time for graduation, well done dragons!