Red Class and Shark In The Park

This week, we have been inspired by Shark In The Park and Shark In The Park on a Windy Day.

We made telescopes, like Timothy Pope, and went to the park to look for a shark!

‘Excuse me. Have you seen a shark in the park?’

No one had seen a shark. We did see dogs, squirrels, fish, a dragon fly, birds, bees, people on bikes, flowers, trees, leaves, grass and trains.

We made our own pages for Shark in the Park, with a surpirise inside! Did we trick you?

Red Class on the snail trail

In Red class, this week, we have been learning about snails.

We’ve been observing some slimy visitors.

We made spirals in class and out at the park. Why do you think we made spirals?

On Tuesday, we walked to the park. We noticed some of the things that had changed since our Spring visit, we also spotted some shapes on our walk. The blossom and daffodils had gone, there were lots more green leaves and some ducklings. A lady in the park kindly gave us some oats to feed the ducks with. We found a dry spot on the grass and had a biscuit in the sunshine. Then, we collected natural materials and used them to make spirals.

We’ve been making fact books all about snails. If you want to know about snails, come and ask Red class.

As well as snail shenanigans, we have been practicing our prepositions.

Are we in, on, under, behind, beside, between or in front?

Easy Peasy Potato Week

This week, we have been enjoying Supertato!

We started the week peeling, chopping and mashing some spuds.

We drew Supertato and added speech bubbles.

In PE we pretended to be potatoes. We started all snug under the ground, then, we boiled, fried, mashed, roasted and mashed. We were round like boiled spuds and long and thin like chips.

We designed, made and evaluated our own Supertatoes.

We learnt lots of about potatoes.

We even sang a potato song!

Red Class – The Extraordinary Gardener

This week we have been sharing the story The Extraordinary Gardener.

We have discussed these questions;

What was Joe looking for?

What happens when Joe shares his plants?

How can we spread happiness?

We used these pictures to compare before and after he has shared his plants.

We designed our own Extraordinary Gardens.