5D Sharing Assembly

Good morning everyone. We are getting close to the end of term and the end of Year 5! Awwwwh!

So now, we only have the thrills and excitement of a few more sharing assemblies to go! Awwwwh!

So here’s this week’s…

Annabel retells the story of the founding of Rome. She showed great insight in her comments about this story on the blog this week.
Ilaja had some good thoughts about the story too.
Azaan, as usual, had a busy week. So here’s the Azaan ‘Busy Bundle’ of work!
An all-maths ‘Busy Bundle’ from Amy. Thank you, Amy
A s-p-e-l-l-i-n-g ‘Busy Bundle’ from Angelika.

A mosaic and origami bundle, also from Angelika.
History professor, Nitin, decided to study Roman time telling.
Before making his own water clock…
… and decorating his home Roman style!

Of course, doing some Roman numeral work needs some research first. Otherwise, Nitin says, where’s the fun?

Once again, Nitin has been a busy bee. So this must be his… wait for it… ‘Busy Bumble’! Ta!Da!

Thanks to everyone who contributed this week.

Stay Safe,

Mr Davis.

5D Sharing Assembly

Good morning 5D. Wowzer, did you hear that rain last night? It was truly tropical (alliteration!). Welcome to this week’s (alliteration!) assembly and (alliteration!) thanks to pupils and parents (alliteration!) for, once again, taking the time (alliteration!) to send stuff (alliteration!) in to me.

Shila had a busy week. Warning – This learning contains alliteration.
Good work Shila.
Azaan has given us AT LEAST two examples of alliteration here. Can you find them?
No alliteration this time, but, some very well researched information.
If know that you are desperate now for some alliteration. But, if you want some here you’ll have to do it yourself. So… how many maths related words can you think of that you could pair with symmetry to make alliterative phrases? What about sausage or maybe circle?

Good work Azaan. Well planned, well laid out and you’ve thought about the colours used to make it look even more impressive.
Again, very good maths from Azaan. Question – some of the children here in school are forgetting that they should be marking their work each day with the answers on the blog; are you marking each day? This all looks good Azaan.
Good morning Amy, how are you? You’ve been busy as usual.
Greta maths Amy. We seem to have had a very good maths week, 5D.

Thanks to all who have sent work in.

Stay Safe (alliteration!)

Mr Davis.

5D Sharing Assembly

Welcome to this week’s sharing assembly. I don’t want to be a grumbly teacher , but we have had a very small amount of work posted again this week. I expect that you would prefer to see small furry animals with captions than your work. So, next week, if there is lots of work sent to me we will have the return of the small furry animals with captions. But, no work, no small furries!

Anyone who has not yet sent in a Black Lives Matter competition poster still has time. Mrs Lynch will be looking at the entries on Monday morning so those sent in up until Sunday evening will be included . Good luck!

Inspired by her fantastic graphs last week, Caitlin does another one!
Olivia was so scared by the mighty Roman army that she thought she needed some protection!
Amy has been consistently good with her maths during distance learning. Well done Amy.
And Amy marks her work. Did you notice?

Nitin studied Rome and the Lazio region of Italy. Great map, Nitin. I used to teach geography so I really like a map. Especially a great one.
And when Nitin studies Rome…
… he really studies Rome!
But he still had time for spelling.
And literacy.
And thank you Annabel for sharing your literacy too.

Thanks to all children and parents who have sent work this week.

Mr Davis

Good Morning 5D

Welcome to another new week of distance learning.

There will be a little bit of change this week. For the last two weeks I have been in my bubble in school so Miss Akitoye has helped out with answering questions on the blog from children in 5D. From this week onwards, BOTH Miss Akitoye and I will be in school. So Ms Lynch has agreed to help out with 5D and 5A on the school blog. If you post a question it may therefore be answered by Ms Lynch, Miss Akitoye or me.

Have a great week and stay safe,

Mr Davis

5D Sharing Assembly 12.6.20

Welcome to another 5D Sharing Assembly. I am a little bit sad this week because the government seemed to confirm that there will not be a return to school for years 2, 3, 4 or 5 until September! I had been looking forward to us all being back together again before the Summer break.

So, we have to make the best of it and our school blog and our sharing assembly are even more important ways for us to stay in touch now. Sending a message every few days lets your friends and the school know that you are safe.

This week I have asked some animal friends to help show you what to do when you eventually return to Holbeach.

Mr Davis

Once again Azaan leads the way with his super maths.

And with some very detailed geography graphs. Fine work Azaan.
Caitlin has done some very impressive graph work.
Good advice Mr Squirrel.
Yes. Thank you, that’s a very good physical demonstration.
Great graph Angelika. I bet you couldn’t do better.
Oh. You did!
I will say it again, LOUDLY! There are many 5D children becoming great independent thinkers and learners. Look at the brilliant way that Angelika has researched and put thought into her presentation. Well done Angelika!
Has your Mick been as busy as Angelika’s this week? Oi Mick! It’s lockdown mate, stay in!
Amy had ‘space’ in her book to revise the solar system!
Once again, children, what a great example of detailed research.
But… didn’t you do a drawing, Amy?
We knew you would.
Yes, that’s to avoid other bubbles.
Caitlin also went into space with a brilliant powerpoint. I’ll show you one or two of her slides.
Er.. one!
And.. two! Good work Caitlin.
This is going too far!

Yes, just your hands for at least 20 seconds each time.

Thanks to all children and other creatures for participating this week.

I will forward all ‘Black Lives Matter’ competition posters to Mrs Lynch.

Stay Safe.

Mr Davis