6L Metacognition – thinking about thinking

We have embarked on a journey of discovery to learn more about how we think and learn as individuals. We are doing this by paying close attention to our thoughts and feelings.
When presented with a simple task, we pause, notice and record our thoughts and responses – before we begin the task, (PLAN) during the task(MONITOR) and at the end of the task (EVALUATE).
Here we are during one of our sessions. We were asked to move small objects with chopsticks and try juggling three balls. We had so much fun.
Students who learn metacognitive strategies are more aware of their own thinking and more likely to be active learners who learn more deeply. We are looking forward to learning more about ourselves each week! 🙂

6L Designing for strength and stability

This term, we had the opportunity to learn which shapes can be used to create strong and stable structures. A real life architect visited the school to teach us how to join wooden rods and elastic bands to create structures often used in bridge design. We are planning to use this knowledge to design and create model bridges of our own in the next few weeks.