We are exploring websites.

We use the world wide web all the time, but have you thought about how the websites are actually constructed?

A URL can tell us a lot about a website and where it’s based.

Links help us to reach other content in a browser.

Hovering before we click on a link helps us to make safer choices because we can see where it will take us.

Place Value

We have been becoming confident with adding and subtracting multiples of 10, 100 and 1000 quickly to a number.

Make sure you practise, you need to remember that the place value will stay the same for some digits depending on what you are adding.

Try counting on in tens, hundreds and thousands from ANY number!

Try the number machine below. Add some numbers of your own and see what comes out.

Goodbye 4B!

Hello 4B!

I know it has been such a strange time, but you have reached the end of Year 4!

Despite the fact that we have not ended the year in the way we would have liked to, you are all BRILLIANT in the way that you have coped with everything that has been going on.

We did manage to have lots of fun times in school and I just wanted to let you know that all your hard work was really appreciated. I wish you all the best in Year 5.

Have an amazing summer and I can’t wait to say hello to you all in September when you are with Mr Greaves.

I’ll miss you all!

Mr Bothick

Times Tables Rock Stars

Hello everyone!

I noticed that only a few people have been using using Times Tables Rock Stars. Remember, it’s a really good way to practise your mental maths, and being able to recall number facts quickly is the easiest way to get better at calculating.

I’ve set up a tournament with Year 6, to give us all a bit of an incentive to use it.

Come on 4B, let’s see how you do!