Goodbye 4B!

Hello 4B!

I know it has been such a strange time, but you have reached the end of Year 4!

Despite the fact that we have not ended the year in the way we would have liked to, you are all BRILLIANT in the way that you have coped with everything that has been going on.

We did manage to have lots of fun times in school and I just wanted to let you know that all your hard work was really appreciated. I wish you all the best in Year 5.

Have an amazing summer and I can’t wait to say hello to you all in September when you are with Mr Greaves.

I’ll miss you all!

Mr Bothick

Times Tables Rock Stars

Hello everyone!

I noticed that only a few people have been using using Times Tables Rock Stars. Remember, it’s a really good way to practise your mental maths, and being able to recall number facts quickly is the easiest way to get better at calculating.

I’ve set up a tournament with Year 6, to give us all a bit of an incentive to use it.

Come on 4B, let’s see how you do!

Sharing Assembly 12th June

What a busy week we’ve had. It’s been great to see how hard you have been working at home. The work you have been sending in has made me, Miss Ashby and Miss Simpson very happy!

Vanessa has been presenting her Maths beautifully and researched about the rainforests in Brazil.

Koray has been doing lots of DT projects and thinking about plants and animals in different climates.

Tracey has been completing her Maths activities accurately.

Efrata gave some really thoughtful answers for her reading comprehension and completed her Maths activities.

Arte’s salt dough mask has so much detail in it. I love the little flower in the hair.

Alan has been thinking of how he can extend his learning with some other Maths activities and started writing his literacy story. He’s also been learning the trumpet!

Sophie recorded a song! She thought about using percussion effects and an echo on the microphone to add to the piece.

Blenda looked at the frequency tables in Maths.

Fin has done some wonderful cardboard art along with his comprehension work. Both pieces have so much detail!

Anne has been very busy with her Maths and Geography. I love her cardboard portrait too.

Georgia has been using her computing skills to help her to show her answers.

Sophia has been busy with lots of different activities. That cake looks delicious!

Megan has done a range of home learning. Her cardboard figure is great!

Kai has been creating his own rainforest. I hope we get to see it again when it has grown!

Computing – Animated poem

Choose a poem that you like. Can you make an animated version of the poem?

Using the ‘say’ and ‘switch costume’ commands will help you to retell the poem.

I made a start with The Owl and the Pussycat by Edward Lear.

There are lots of examples here that you could look at to give you some ideas.