6F – PE

This week in PE, we learned some more dance steps and we created a new routine to a different song in our groups. Performing in front of the camera was a challenge, but we all felt happy and proud of ourselves after we did it!

We worked together to find the counts to a song (8 beats), which really helped us create our choreography. Also, we have become more confident dancing in front of people and we tried our hardest to be synchronized.

Can you guess the London landmark that each group has chosen?

Well done for another week of hard work 6F! Have a lovely weekend 🙂

Dance Club

In dance club, we have been learning many dance steps from different styles. We are becoming more confident dancing in front of people and so we decided to perform this Afrobeats routine that Miss Awosiyan taught us!

Also, we have been playing games and we have danced to different types of music in order to practise all the steps we have done since the beginning of the year. We love playing ‘Follow the Leader’ because we can freestyle and we learn new moves from other people while having fun!

If you love dancing and you would like to learn about different genres, make sure you sign up for our Dance Club after Easter 🙂

6F – PE

This week in PE, we have learned three dance steps and we have worked in teams to create a routine that represents a London landmark. We were able to use our knowledge about gymnastics. We had to put all our moves together so that they would match the song. Also, we were very creative with our moves and we worked hard to make sure we were all synchronized.

At the end of the lesson, we performed with our teams for the class and they had to guess the landmark we chose to represent. It was so much fun and we were all not only great dancers, but also a good audience!

Performing was one of the hardest parts of the lesson, but we all felt so happy and proud of ourselves after we did it 🙂