3C’s visit to Horton Kirby to explore its part in the History of World War 2

On Wednesday 27th April, 3C travelled by coach to Horton Kirby to begin to learn about World War 2.
We explored Horton Kirby’s role in the war in a variety of ways – listening to true stories from the war (retold by Mr Berry); handling original artefacts; playing games that children in 1940 would have played and by ‘going back in time’ to attend a 1940’s lesson.
During our lesson, the siren sounded so we had to leave the classroom and go into the air raid shelter situated in the playground. We sang some war time songs by torchlight as it was so dark in the shelter.
It was a truly memorable day and 3C were absolute superstars, displaying excellent learning behaviour. They were a credit to Holbeach and I really enjoyed accompanying them on this educational visit.

Reading Workshop – Thank you Year 1 parents

A big thank you to the Year 1 parents who attended the Reading Workshop today to find out how to help their children develop further as readers. It was lovely to see so many of you.
We hope that the children liked their new books (Rocket Rules) and that you enjoyed spending time with them in their classrooms reading together (and having a peak at the recently hatched ducklings)!

Wick Court Farm Day 4

What another amazing adventure today was!

As it was World Book Day, the children were up, dressed and reading books in the parlour by 7.15am! Our costumes this World Book Day were those of farmers!

The highlights on the farm today were watching a baby lamb being born, lamb training (similar to training a puppy!) and pig weighing!

We ate like kings and queens again – crunchy granola, yoghurt and croissants for breakfast, macaroni cheese and Eton mess for lunch, then homemade pizza and rainbow salad for tea.
Our bedtime story was very special this evening- a brand new story by Michael Morpurgo set at Wick Court Farm. It was a beautiful story and so much more meaningful for us as Michael Morpurgo himself signed our copy of the book.

We are looking forward to seeing our families again tomorrow.


Wick Court Farm Day 3

Our first job this morning was to herd the sheep from their overnight pen into the field. We worked together as a team and did a great job. Unfortunately, one cheeky little lamb escaped and Farmer Stuart had to run off and catch it!
After that our teams fed all the animals and did some birdwatching (one group spotted 18 different types of bird including great tits, goldfinches, blue tits robins and pheasants).
Children got creative today by willow weaving and drawing treasures from nature that we discovered on our walk.
We enjoyed (yes, enjoyed) mucking out the horses today and loved grooming them.

One group walked to Oldbury Dairy to watch the cows being milked. Whilst there we were able to meet Meg, the vet and watch her treat one of the young calves.
Before bed this evening, we had a fun Wick Court Farm quiz, hot chocolate and a small piece of Miss Awosiyan’s birthday cake!

Wick Court Farm Day 2

Today, we were up and out on the farm by 7.30am feeding the ducks, pigs, chickens, horses and sheep. Once the animals had eaten their breakfast, the Holbeach farmers had their own breakfast.
The rest of the day was spent gardening, planting trees and cooking. We made leek and potato soup with cheese scones for dinner and it was truly scrumptious!

5W are Designers

The children’s brief for their DT project was to ‘design and make a wheeled vehicle using electrical components’.

Using their creative spirits, 5W worked with great enthusiasm during this unit, overcoming challenges and developing their ability to measure, cut and join materials and construct an electrical circuit in a meaningful context.

Once finished, the children tested their vehicles and evaluated their work. Initially, they were all given the same materials and advice but I’m sure you’ll agree, their finished products are all unique.

Thank you to Miss Oddy for supporting 5W to complete this exciting project.