Victorian Museum

Today all our hard work over the term was ready for everyone to see as the Year 3 Victorian Museum opened to visitors for the first day.

First some of us practised being experts with some children from 3G. We talked to them about the exhibits and displays.

Then we had some visitors from the lovely 2S, 5A, 4B and 6L.

Finally, at the end of the day, our parents and carers came to see our work.

Which part of the museum do you think was the best? What did your parents and carers enjoy the most?

Home Learning 22.11.19


In class we have been learning about famous Victorians.     

Choose a different person and do some research about their lives.  Where did they live?  Why were they famous?  What were their achievements? 

Bring in your work to share with the class.

Look out for ‘ic’ adverbs!

Basic = basically

Dramatic = dramatically

Magic = magically

Keep practising your 3 and 4 times tables.

Victorian Peg Dolls

This week we made Victorian Peg Dolls.

First we designed our dolls. We thought carefully about the clothes that they would wear.

Next we made our dolls following the instructions that we had. We looked at our designs as we choose our fabric and decorated our dolls.

When we had finished we compared our dolls to our designs to evaluate them. Think about your doll. What did you do well? What would you do differently next time?

Finally, we wrote the instructions so someone else would be able to make a doll just like ours.

Can you remember the instructions? What materials did you use? Tell the instructions to someone at home.

Next we

Then we

3K – Clay Houses

This term in Art we are making clay houses. Here is what we have done so far.

First we recalled the different elements of art including line, shape, pattern and texture.

Then we went out and sketched a Victorian house on Nelgarde Road. We looked carefully, thinking about the elements of art, and capturing detail.

Next we experimented with clay. We used different clay tools pattern the clay. We made different shapes by cutting the clay. We made a pinch pot and tried out the scratch and slip technique to join pieces of clay.

Finally we created our own clay house. We used guide sticks to roll out the clay to an even thickness (a new skills for today). Then we used the skills we had practised last week. We had to look at our sketch to remember all the details as we worked.

What different skills did you use today?

Here are some of our finished houses.

Can you remember what happens next?


Today we began our DT topic.

During the term we will be designing and making our own cross-stitch sampler but today we began with some basic skills.

We learnt to thread a needle.

We learnt to ie a knot.

We learnt to do a running stitch.

Some of us also tried a cross stitch.

We used plastic binka to practise the skills. Can you remember why?

Try and practise tying knots at home so you are ready for our next lesson.

Home Learning – 12.9.19

This week we have been learning the story ‘Cat, Snake and Heron’. Please retell the story to your friends and family at home. You can see a copy of your class story map on your class blog to help you.

In morning maths we have been looking at the 2 times table. Keep practising with your friends and family at home.