Countdown to Christmas!

This week in the nursery we have begun our countdown to the end of term.

Each day we will be unwrapping a new Christmas book to read and add to our collection.

Today we had to find the present with the number 2 on it.

Do you have an Advent Calendar at home? Advent calendars are a great opportunity for children to recognise numbers.

If your child is still learning to recognise numbers, give them an example of what they are looking for and see if they can match it.

It’s also a great opportunity to practice counting every day and think about what number comes next. For example, ‘we’ve found 1,2,3,4, what do we need to find today?’

Most nursery children will be working with single digit numbers so it may get tricky as you get to 25! Say ‘Today we are looking for 12, that’s a 1 and a 2.’

Most of all, enjoy your countdown to Christmas, what ever your traditions may be.

Peace at Last

This week in the nursery we have been reading the story ‘Peace at Last.’

The story is about a bear who can’t sleep because of lots of different noises in the house.

Here are some photos of our learning.

We have been using our listening ears to recognise different sounds.

Listen to sounds in the environment. A train passing, a phone ringing, an aeroplane flying overhead are examples of sounds children could recognise. Ask questions such as ‘what’s that sound?’

Play sounds bingo with your family and see if you can recognise the sounds.

Project Schoolhouse Garden

You may have noticed that the Schoolhouse garden has been looking slightly overgrown!

This week some professional gardeners came in to clear the masses of overgrown weeds.

The nursery children offered a helping hand to pull up some of the weeds and bag up some of the mess.

The Early Years team have taken on the challenge to turn the space into a beautiful horticultural area which will include-

-An area to hunt for minibeasts and learn how to handle living things

-A range of plants and flowers to care for

-A compost area so that the children dispose of their fruit waste

-A digging area for children to practice with tools

To help set up the area we need some donations of the following items-

Seeds, plants, small trees, pallets, tyres, gardening tools, gardening gloves, compost, trellis, bricks, watering cans, rocks and garden decorations.

If you would like to offer any help, support or advice on how we can make a wonderful space for the children, please see Mrs Collette in the nursery.

All donations can be dropped to the nursery.

Thank you.

World Nursery Rhyme Week

The Nursery have been celebrating World Nursery Rhyme week by learning lots of songs.

Here are some pictures of the fun.

Listen and sing the songs at home! Listening is much better than watching on the screen.

Nursery rhymes are great for developing children’s language and pre-phonic skills. Keep singing!

Let’s Get Talking

Thank you to all of the families that attended our Speech and Language event this week.

Speech, Language and Communication skill are crucial to young children’s overall development. Being able to speak clearly and process speech sounds, to understand others, to express ideas and interact with others are fundamental building blocks for a child’s development. Research suggests that good communication, language and literacy at a young age have the highest correlation with outcomes at school.

Speech and language skills underpin many other areas of children’s development by:

  • providing a strong foundation for other areas of learning, such as reading and writing and enabling access to the whole curriculum
  • supporting communication skills
  • promoting social skills and forming friendships
  • building confidence and self-esteem
  • supporting emotional and behavioural development
  • helping children to make sense of the world around them.

Handouts from the session are available from the nursery cloak room.

Sparkles in the Sky!

This week we have been learning about some special festivals and celebrations- Diwali and Bonfire night.

We have been making some beautiful firework creations which led to Firefighters play.

Here are some pictures of the learning taking place.

Listen to our song of the week and sing at home!

In phonics we have been listening to different firework sounds and recreating the sounds with our mouths and bodies.

Listen for sounds and home and try to recreate them.

What’s in the Witches Kitchen?

In the nursery we have been reading another Nick Sharratt classic ‘What’s in the Witches Kitchen.’

The children have been learning how to carefully lift the flaps on this very delicate book and have been squealing with glee when the witch pops out at the end of the story.

Here are some photos to share how we bring the story to life.

We have been learning some spider songs. Listen to them here and sing along at home.

Rhyme is an important pre-phonics skill. Can you think of any words that rhyme?

Autumn is here!

This week we have been exploring ‘gifts from the trees.’

We have been looking at pine cones, leaves, chestnuts (conkers) and sycamore seeds and using them in our play.

Thank you for all of the Pumpkin and Gould donations. It has been interesting to compare the different shapes and sizes and weights.

See if you can find any special gifts from the trees. Look out for the beautiful autumn colours. 🍁

We’re going on a Bear Hunt!’

Nursery’s story of the week has been ‘We’re going on a bear hunt.’

We have been bringing the story alive by squelching in thick oozy mud and splashing in water.

Here are some pictures from the week.

Here is the story so you can share it together at home.

Parents/Carers- You could hide a teddy bear at home and see if your children can find it. Give verbal clues using positional language.

For example-

Under the table

Behind the door

Next to the chair

Next week we will be looking at signs of Autumn. We need some donations of pumpkins, squashes and gourds. Thank you for your support.

Don’t Put Your Finger in the Jelly Nelly!

This weeks book has been so fun! The children have been enjoying putting their hands into different textures and used language to describe how it feels.

on Monday we played with spaghetti and practiced our scissor skills.

We made our own ‘Spag-yetti’s!’

On Tuesday we played with cornflour and observed how it changes. We discussed how it looked and how it felt.

On Wednesday we made jam sandwiches. We used a knife to carefully spread butter and jam.

On Thursday we prepared jelly to taste. We used our hands to break up the pieces then dissolved it in hot water.

We are learning to love books!

Here is the story we have been reading. Share it at home!

We have also been learning important hygiene skills. Please encourage your children to wash their hands after using the toilet, blow their own noses and catch coughs and sneezes in their elbow.