Hello Reception,

Welcome to Friday’s activty ideas, I hope you are having lots of fun and enjoying lots family time. Please keep sending me all the lovely pictures of you playing at home and I will try and post as many as I can to the blog each day. Make sure you all look after yourselves and your families and I cannot wait to see you all when school returns to normal.

This Week’s Maths Challenge – With your child help them to use their 10 fingers to make number bonds to 10 (2 numbers which add up to 10). Try recording them in a number sentence, have some fingers up and some fingers down e.g. 6 up and 4 down, record 6+4=10. Repeat with different amounts.

Physical Fun – 5-a-day Fitness is a collection of online 5-minute follow-along fun fitness routines with an array of different themes, from pirates to superheroes, and pop to jive. Resources can easily be used at any time, in most spaces, and without any physical equipment. 5-a-day Fitness would like to offer pupils a free subscription during these difficult times, as a gesture of goodwill. Please see the details below with information about how to access 5-a-day resources at home.

USERNAME: 5-a-dayAtHome    


Please visit www.5-a-day.tv to log in using these details. When your children becomes really confident with different dance moves, why not ask them to design your own exercise routine. Take turns teaching an “exercise class” to your favourite music. 

Children should be reading daily. Please remember that children should be reading to themselves but also to an adult or to a sibling and they should also be read to as well. Children’s understanding of their reading should also be checked with a variety of questions. Children should also be drawing daily and writing a sentence or a caption about their picture. This is really important as it will help them to continue to develop their writing and drawing skills.

Yesterday, I received some fabulous work from Bernard and his family:

This is spectacular, what brilliant, bright and bold colours you’ve used. You should be very proud of yourself. Do you remember when you drew a beautiful sun dragon at school and wrote a description about it? You sun dragon also had dangerous teeth, claws and wings, just like this dinosaur!
Wow, another dinosaur and I can see a huge speech bubble. Well done Bernard, I can see you are having so much fun at home!
I think Bernard you must really love dinosaurs…Does this dinosaur have a name? Is he from the Jurrasic period?

Cosmic Yoga, Rainbows and Caterpillars…

Good morning everyone,

I hope by now you are all starting to find a new rhythm to your day and are managing to maintain some kind of routine. Please continue to practise counting, recognising numbers to 20 and ensuring your child can match objects to numbers – this could be done simply by asking them to show you the number 9 using their fingers.

STUFF ART – Collect loads of random ‘stuff’ from around your house…pennies, pencils, tins, boxes, left over flat pack and whatever is in that kitchen drawer! Once you have collected your treasures let the children make pictures and sculptures – whatever takes their fancy! (I would love to see their creations, please email them to me)

MAKE A BAND – you will need pots, pans and wooden spoons, old food containers (with tops), rice, pasta or anything else that will rattle! Using clean containers, decorate the outside of the shakers and fill with rice or pasta. Create drums using upturned pots, pans and wooden spoons. Practise altogether singing nursery rhymes and songs, Bang or shake to the rhythm. Why not record a ‘performance’ to share with family, friends or your class here on the blog.

At 11am today and everyday, David Williams is doing a free story session on his website: www.worldofdavidwalliams.com

Yesterday, I received some wonderful work from Florence and Max:

Wow Max, what a beautiful picture of a caterpillar! Do you know all the stages of a butterfly lifecycle? Can you draw a picture of all the stages and label it?
Well done Max, you look like you having so much fun in the garden. It looks like a great game, will you teach it to me when we get back to school?
Florence and George have put up homemade rainbow creations in their windows at home, helping to spread hope and positivity. Well done guys, I bet you’ve filled a lot of buckets by doing this!
Florence (or should I say Elser), you look like you’re having lots of fun – keep it up!

Rainbow Disco Ghosts!

Hello everybody,

Another exciting day for home learning opportunities and what better time to start introducing cooking skills with your child, children are always so keen to join in. Look through recipe books together and some gather ideas. Can they help scrub and chop the vegetables, stir the sauce, make the salad and help pour a drink for you and your family at dinner time? Can they help lay the table or dinner trays?

Music is a brilliant why to be physical whilst at home, as it doesn’t cost anything – you can play music from phones, the TV, iPad, amazon etc. So why not put on your favourite songs and dance, sing, jump, leap and be silly. Try and copy your child’s move as this makes them feel confident and it’s also just a lot of fun!

Please continue to count daily to – remember to use silly voices or physical actions. Jack Hartman on youtube has some really good counting and moving songs to aid you with this.

Please continue to practise writing and reading the tricky words the children have been learning over the past two terms.

What fantastic work, Nell

Thank you so much for sharing – you’ve worked really hard to place the lego pieces together and as a result, you have made a beautiful rainbow. You should be very proud of yourself! Keep up the hard work.
A trent and a Tropoline, fantastic detail in your pictures, it looks like a beautiful sunny day! – by Nell
A rainbow ghost disco, well done remembering to add speech bubbles to your work! – by Nell

A Biscuit Bear Rainbow and a Tree that is a Pig

Dear children and parents,

Good morning, I hope you are all okay and enjoying your time off together.

Today, why not practise counting to 50 using different voices e.g 1-10 monster voices, 11-20 fairy voices etc. Play ‘fastest fingers first’, both you and your child put your hands behind your backs, call out the number 7 and the first person to show the number on their fingers is the winner. Repeat with different amounts to 10.

Sound Hunt
Encourage your child to hunt around the house or garden for objects beginning with letters from the alphabet. Encourage your child to make a list of the items they find. Maybe set a timer, how many can they find in 10 minutes?

Whilst at home, encourage your child to participate as much as possible with household jobs. In doing this, you will be supporting your child’s organisational skills, fine motor skills and providing them with responsibility and a sense of purpose. Suitable jobs could be: teaching them to make their own bed in the morning, tidying up after themselves, pairing up socks and folding washing, washing and drying up, dusting, gardening – planting seeds, watering, digging etc

Thank you Ned for your beautiful picture yesterday, you really filled my bucket.

A biscuit bear rainbow and a tree that is also a pig – By Ned

Love this Ned, it’s so beautiful, such vibrant colours and you’ve drawn the arch with amazing skill and control. You should be very proud of yourself !

Purple Pickles

Dear Parents and Carers,

During these times of uncertainty I would like to send you and your lovely children my very best wishes. I will be updating our blog as often as I can, to provide you with educational ideas, updates, internet links to useful resources and also just to keep in touch.

Over the coming weeks, I would advise parents to try and stick to a routine as much as possible. Children enjoy knowing what comes next and this will enable your child to feel a sense of security and normality during these uncertain times.

We encourage our families to read with their children daily. Please listen to your child read everyday for at least 10 minutes. Don’t forget to access Bug Club, which will ensure your child has access to a varied and rich reading experience at home. Throughout the books there are quiz questions for your child to complete. To answer a question, just click on the bug icon. Your child does not need to finish all the quiz questions in one sitting and can come back to it later.

Please give your child opportunities to draw everyday, they could also write a sentence about what they have drawn. Remember to give lots of encouraging positive feedback: “I like the way you are drawing so carefully.” “You have really put a lot of detail into your drawing!” “wow, I didn’t even notice those little lines.” “tell me about your picture”. I would love to see what the children have created and will try and upload the blog with work sent to me via my email as often as possible.

Wishing you and all the lovely children in Reception my best wishes,

take care

Jane Wilson

Have you Filled a Bucket Today?

Did you know that we all have an invisible bucket? Its purpose is to hold your good thoughts and feelings about yourself. You feel happy and good when your bucket is full, and you feel sad and lonely when your bucket is empty. This week in Purple Class we have thinking of ways we can fill our own bucket and other peoples buckets too.

Matthew and Lilly have worked together to build a train, they are sharing ideas and developing a narrative around driving a train to different parts of the country.
Bernard, Max and Phoebe are building a “bee house”, together they are sharing ideas and resources and are negotiating roles with each other. When they have finished they are very proud to show everybody what they have done. They can articulately talk about the different features of the hive and enjoy showing everyone the honey room.
Ned enjoys some quiet time in the book corner!
The children are pretending to be pirates, they are scrubbing the deck and getting the ship ready for sailing.

Welcome to Reception – Purple Class

To all our families and children we extend a warm welcome. We hope you all enjoyed your summer break and settled well into the school routine. We are so proud of the children and they have settled exceptionally well so far and have enjoyed their first week in school.

Jemimah is making soup. She carefully cuts the flowers and counts 10 petals into her pot.
We have been learning to use watercolours. We have been experimenting with colour mixing. Tiago worked out how to make purple and Rowan made brown.
The children are developing their focus and concentration skills. The children stayed at this activity for a prolonged period of time. They made a variety of things with the ingredients: apple pies, lemonade and food for the gorilla.
The children are pretending to be gorillas climbing up a tree. They are working hard on developing their balance and gross motor skills.
Abass has made a gingerbread man. He sings to himself, “Run, run as fasts as you can, you can’t catch me, I’m the gingerbread man”.
Viyaan has made “a giant number cake”. He excitedly places the number stones on his cake, naming each number as he places it on.

Dragon Week

This week we have been exploring the topic of ‘Dragons’ using our core book ‘George and the dragon’.

IMG_7585 IMG_7579


We made dragon eggs!

Sarah and Kitty decided to make a nest for their eggs.


The children enjoyed playing with the wooden blocks and small world dragons and princesses. Outside the children used the large scale equipment to make dens to hide in, so they wouldn’t be captured by any dragons flying over. They also made castles and caves using the equipment…


We have been enjoying the sunshine this week and have been painting outside…


Daniel wrote a story all about dragons!


Kitty drew a beautiful picture of her dragon…