Billy’s Beetle. What did Red Class see?

Red Class have been thinking about beetles this week. We learnt lots of beetle facts, and today we shared the story Billy’s Beetle.

We first looked at the cover of the book, and then one page from the story. We used our story detective skills to spot things in the picture. Then we said and wrote sentences starting with the words “I can see…”. This is the picture we looked at so carefully:

Just look at all the things we saw. Can you see them too?

Check out our writing for full-stops and capital letters! We can use them.

Top Time Tellers.

Red Class have been learning to tell the time this week. We read the story of the Bad Tempered Ladybird by Eric Carle.

We wanted to learn to tell the time for o’clock and half-past. It was tricky. Here’s what we have been practising…

Look at us making times on our clocks in class. We helped each other to remember what to do. It’s important to get the big hand and the small hand in the right place.

Snails and Spirals

Red Class looked at the book Snail Trail (A Journey through Modern Art) by Jo Saxon.

We decided to look at snails in lots of art, and we noticed that they are often hiding in paintings and sculptures. We explored lots of snail art:

Then we made our own pictures, with a snail hiding in each one. Can you see where our snails are?

Look out for the spiral shells!

Supertato Super Tasting writers:

Red Class tested some baked potatoes this morning. We cooked them in the oven, then thought about what we could: see, smell, taste and touch

We tried white potatoes and sweet potatoes.

Not everyone liked eating Supertato! But we could all write about our experiences. Have a look:

We have had the best Supertato week!

Red Class have the Capacity!

Red Class have been thinking about measuring liquids. We spotted one thing very quickly. You can’t hold liquids in your hands to measure them.

So, we started looking at containers.

Once we started looking, we saw them everywhere…

We spotted that they all had a number in millilitres (ml) written on the labels. We investigated and found that liquids are measured in millilitres. Wow!

We collected some containers in class and decided to order them from smallest to biggest. Most of us thought that the tall, thin container would hold the most liquid.

We experimented to find out if we were right. We counted how many times a 50 millilitre (50ml) container could be used to fill the containers.

Ask us which container had the largest capacity. Clue: It wasn’t the tall thin one! Can you guess which one it was?

Once we started to investigate, we couldn’t stop. We poured, measured and counted to find the capacity of lots of containers.

We are great capacity and measure investigators.

Red Class Togetherness Celebration

We have been thinking about how good it is to be back at school with each other. We wanted to celebrate with a party, so this what we did.

We made hats.

We wore party clothes.

We ate party food.

Then we went upstairs to the rooftop playground, with Purple Class.

We danced and sang. We played move and freeze games. We had a fantastic time.

How tall is a giraffe?

Red Class looked at this picture of a giraffe. We wanted to measure something tall. We decided to measure in metres.

Hello there.

We wondered how we could measure a giraffe, when we haven’t seen any in Catford.

We looked on the internet and found that giraffes can be 6.1 metres tall. So we collected some metre sticks and measured 6.1 metres out on the classroom floor.

We used masking tape to mark out 6.1 metres. It was a lot of the floor!

We still weren’t sure how tall a giraffe would be. So we pretended that we could stand on each other’s heads to be giraffe-tastically tall. Guess how many Red Class children tall a giraffe is…

5 1/2

A giraffe is 6.1 metres, OR 5 and a half Red Class children tall. Wow.

We’re going to measure something a bit smaller or shorter next time.