Can-Do Dinosaurs: What superpower does your dinosaur have?

Red Class looked at non-fiction books about dinosaurs.

We wrote facts about a dinosaur that:


or stood on two legs

or had a long tail

We asked why the dinosaurs looked like this. Look at our facts. Dinosaurs have superpowers!

Guess which number we started with…

Red class can count 1 more than the number we started with. We looked at a number, counted 1 more, then showed the answer on our fingers. Which number did we start with?

Look at the way we made this number. Can you tell what it is?

Did guess it? 11

Red Class are spaced out!

We are learning about space.

Today we enjoyed the story: Man on the Moon by Simon Bartrum. Try listening to it now, but watch out for aliens!

We used our imaginations to draw a design for own aliens. We counted legs, arms and eyes and we wrote labels for them:

Counting Down

Try getting some rockets to blast off with Curious George. Can you count down from 20?

Letters and Sounds

We learnt these new sounds ‘h’ and ‘r’. Can you find these sounds at the beginning of words?

Don’t forget our tricky words: go and no

Firework Gems in Red Class

We thought about fireworks in the sky this week. We’d all heard lots of them, and some of us had seen some fireworks too!

We used gems and sparkly thread to make our firework pictures go off with a bang! Can you see what else we used?

Phonics: new sounds are out!

This week we learned the ‘e’ sound (as in elephant), and the ‘u’ sound as in ‘umbrella’.

Now we know these sounds:

s a t p i n m d c k ck g o e u

Can you make any words from these sounds? Here are some to start you off:

cat at mat dog cog mog

How many can you make?

Leaves, Twigs and Hibernation

With autumn here, Red Class have been thinking about animals that hibernate. Lots of animals have a long sleep through the autumn and winter. They sleep using twigs and leaves for their beds.

Which animals hibernate? Red Class have been using our detective skills to decide. See if you know by using this quiz:

We made pictures of animals that hibernate. Then we made food and nests, burrows and beds for the animals. We had to paint, draw, cut, mix and dig:

We enjoyed the story Fletcher and the Falling Leaves.

Tricky Words

We’ve been learning some tricky words. They are tricky because we can’t sound them out, but we really need to know them when we are reading and writing.

We say them, look at them, and then have a go at writing them.

Don’t forget to try to make as many words as you can from the sounds: a s t p i n m d g o c k

Have a great half term break and we will see you on Tuesday 3rd November.

Come through our magic doors.

Red Class have been reading the Stick Man and Leaf Man stories. We imagined what the doors to their houses might look like. We had great ideas…

We made some magic doors from our designs…

Who or what might live behind these doors?

Sybil Phoenix

We learnt about Sybil Phoenix’s hard work and amazing achievements, helping children and young people in Lewisham. We saw the medals she was awarded for her MBE and OBE. We thought about why we might get a medal from the Queen. We are great at lots of things…

Further Into The Woods. Red Class are explorers and inventors.

We read the book “Slowly, Slowly, Slowly,” Said the Sloth by Eric Carle.

We looked at the animals that the sloth might see in his rainforest home.

Look at the pictures we made using our rain forest facts.

We made puppets and models:

We learnt about Lonnie Johnson. He was an aerospace engineer and worked for NASA in America. He also invented the “Super Soaker” water pistol. Lonnie Johnson inspired us to design our own Super Soakers.

Skillful Red Class

Wow! We are great at our writing skills…

This week as well as thinking about owls, and owl facts-we have been counting groups of objects and writing the numbers 1 and 7.

We are thinking about phonics…

Ask us about the ‘s’ and ‘a’ sounds. We found objects in the class that started with these sounds. Can you say what they are?

Check out our writing photos. Which sound are we practising?

Friday News from Red Class

Hello! Today everyone has been given their Holbeach book bag. We are really proud of them.

Please can you check all your child’s clothing has their name in it. Also, please check to see if any clothes have sneaked into the wrong bag. We will return everything to the right owners in our class!

Have a lovely weekend. See you all next week.