World Book Day in Red Class

Today we celebrated World Book Day. We dressed up as some of our favourite book characters. Can you guess who we are?

Later we visited 2L to share some stories with them. Year 2 were great readers and we had a wonderful time, with a chance to visit the library too.

We love to read, read, read…

Don’t forget to use your World Book Day book token!

Red Class Great Egg Race

We have been thinking about giving eggs at this time of year. We noticed that spring is in the air, and decided to celebrate by racing some eggs.

First we boiled some eggs and let them cool, then we decorated them on Thursday.

Today, we took oue eggs to the hall for a race.

Look at us!

The winner was Diana. Her egg travelled the furthest.

We all gave her a big cheer!

We have been singing our Spring Chicken song-join in, and bust out your chicken moves. Have a great break and we will see you on 20th April.

Red Class and the 40 sticks

We heard the story of Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves. We have been investigating 10’s and the number 40.

First we looked at ways to organise 10 sticks. Can you see what we did?

Then we counted in 10’s. Try our song to help:

Then we counted 10 sticks each. Our challenge was to make a group of children with 40 sticks between us. We did lots of counting and making totals.

Then we looked at different ways to arrange our 40 sticks to count them easily. Which idea do you like?

Red Class: 3 is our magic number

This week we have been thinking about the number 3. We used our whole bodies to count in 3’s. Get us to show you how…

1-1 arm up

2-2 arms up

3-both arms down and hands on your head

all together…1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

We counted objects and practised writing numbers 1, 2, 3

Here is a song to help with your counting in 3’s

Red Class and the Runaway Chapati

We have been enjoying the story of The Runaway Chapati. We thought about The Gingerbread Man and things that were similar, and things that were different.

We decided to try some chapatis to see if they were like gingerbread. We warmed our chapatis in the oven.

We closed our eyes and made a list ofwords to decscribe the smell of the chapatis. Some of us even thought wecould smell chips! Here are our words:






Then we sat in a circle and tried the chapatis. They were yummy. Ask us to describe the taste to you. It was very different to our gingerbread.

Five Alive in Red Class

We have been thinking about lots of different ways to show numbers.

We counted the numbers up to 10. We wrote them as numerals. Then we practised writing them as a tally.

Try watching the video to help you have a go!

We got very good at showing numbers in different ways. We even changed our tally numbers into towers of cubes. Take a look…

We are number and tally-tastic in Red Class.

Red Class showed racism the red card

Today we showed that we will stand up to racism. We wore red clothes, or ribbons, or shoes, or hats to show our support in showingthe red card. We think we look great in red clothes-Red Class.

We revisited our Black History Month inspiring heroes. Look back at the blog and see what you remember.

Next we are looking forward to delicious cakes at the end of the day.

Have a lovely half-term from Red Class.

Red Class are clever like foxes.

This week we have been thinking about forests, woods, trees and the animals we see in them. We thought about foxes, and we are going to read stories about foxes. Can you think of any?

We learned some facts about foxes:

We drew foxes. We thought about the shape of their ears. What shape do you see?

Foxes have very sensitive noses, and bushy, fluffy, tails. Look at how we added them to our drawings:

We used the sounds we have been learning to write some labels for our fox drawings. Can you read them?

Ask us some questions about foxes. we will be glad to help. Look out for them in your street or garden.