Raising Money for The Friends of Holbeach


Team Holbeach Big Halfers’s story

We are a team of Holbeach teachers, parents, governors and friends, and we are running the Big Half, half marathon to raise funds for Friends of Holbeach. This money will be used to help all the wonderful pupils of Holbeach Primary School, making sure they can all go on trips, have a well-stocked library, a leafy playground and access to decent equipment. All schools are currently suffering from cuts at the moment, so it is even more crucial that we help our school by helping with the things that the budget just won’t stretch to anymore.Please sponsor us and help our lovely kids get the facilities they deserve.

Click Here to Sponsor: wonderful.org/fundraiser/holbeachdoesthebighalf-ba33fe22


Daffodil Growing Competition

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Did you know that today (March 1st) is St David’s Day and that St David is the patron saint of Wales? Did you know that the daffodil is one of the traditional flowers displayed on St David’s day?

On Wednesday, the Holbeach School Council helped to organise the school’s annual ‘Daffodil Growing Competition’ and invited children from across the school to bring in the daffodils that they have been growing at home.

We gave out 124 pots and 250 bulbs in October 2018, and then on 27th February 2019, 54 flower pots were brought into school, in the various stages of growth to be judged by a lady called Barbara Nella from the London Children’s flower society. She awarded 26 children the Gold Certificate 15 children the Silver certificate and 13 children the Bronze certificate. Well done everyone. Keep growing!


Wick Court Farm – Day 3

Dear All,

We are having a great time here. It is fun working on the farm and then fun spending time together in the evenings. Thank you for all the messages you have left on the blog. We are sorry if there have not been many photographs of some groups we are trying to make sure we get a snap of everyone.

See you on Friday (2pm)

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The School Council visit to the Houses of Parliament

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On Wednesday 17th October 2018, the new Holbeach School Council went to the Houses of Parliament for a tour of the building and to see how democracy works.

First, we got on the train at Catford Bridge stations and got off at Waterloo East. Then we walked all the way to the Houses of Parliament, via St Thomas’s hospital and past the London Eye.

We met our tour guide and went though the security; it was really cool. In the security check, we had to walk through a special door way that beeped and booped as you went through.

Once we were inside, we watched a film about the history of the Houses of Parliament which was very interesting. Then we went to the ‘Robing Room’ which is where the Queen gets into their robes when there is a special ceremony like the opening of parliament. We walked through to the ‘Monarch Gallery’ which is where portraits of all the Kings and Queens of England (and their husbands and wives) are displayed.

Next, we went into the House of Lords. There were lots of red seats everywhere. The seats were covered in velvety leather. We walked to the ‘Central Lobby’ and watched a parade of people that work in the House of Commons, which included the speaker, the person in charge of security and the representatives of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Then we went to the ‘Chapel’ and looked around.

After all that, we went to the Westminster Hall and our tour guide left us and we met with our local Member of Parliament (MP) which is Janet Daby. We discussed what we wanted to change for Lewisham and told her that we wanted big speed signs around the school to tray and limit the traffic to 20 miles per hour.

Finally, we caught the train back to school. Phew! What a great day.

By Isaac (5C)

Educational Visit to The Ragged School Museum

Picture1 Picture2 Picture3 Picture4 Picture5 Picture6

On Monday, 3C and 3G went to the Ragged School Museum. We went there by coach and we saw some amazing buildings along the way.

At the Ragged School Museum, we went into a pretend Victorian classroom. There was a person called Nicky who (when she put on her glasses) she turned into Miss Perkins, a Victorian teachers. She was very strict and said that children should be seen but not heard. She also tapped her cane on the table. She wrote our names on the slates, took the register and did some sums with an abacus. If a child got the answer wrong they would wear a Dunce’s hat and if a child fiddles with their fingers they would have to wear finger stocks! I am glad Holbeach is not like those schools.

Haasya (3C)

What are your memories of this visit? Why not share them with us below.