Hello again!

I hope everyone is having a good day.

I have more pictures of your classmates to share with you.

Vernan has been learning about the solar system.

What a fabulous drawing of the planets revolving around the sun.
And what great writing – you have written the names of the 8 planets in the order they are from the sun. Good job Vernan!

Prince and Korotoum have been in school with me this week. It has been very strange being in Red Class without you guys being there with us!

Korotoum enjoyed icing her biscuit.
So did Prince!
Mmmm mmm! It looks delicious!
Prince has also enjoyed experimenting with mixing different coloured food colourings in water.

That’s it for now… but please keep the photos coming – I love them!

Email is: redclasslearning@Holbeach.Lewisham.sch.uk

Stay safe and stay amazing!

Lots and lots of love,

Ms Lowinger xxx


I hope you are all ok.

It was so good to speak to some of you recently and to hear your voices. I will phone the rest of you on Monday and see how you are doing.

In the mean-time please send me some photos so I can see what you are up to – and how much you have grown!

My email is redhomelearning@holbeach.lewisham.sch.uk

Here are some of Sayde. She has been extremely busy!

Great name writing Sayde
Sayde experimented by adding different acids to cabbage water.
Wow! Look at all the different colours she made!
Sayde also made some multicoloured gems. Aren’t they fab!

Akif has also been very busy at home. He has been learning about spiders.

What a fabulous drawing of a spider Akif! It looks so realistic!
It looks like you worked really hard on it.
Wow! And look at that wonderful writing Akif! You must be very proud of yourself.

I miss you all so much!

Please send me more photos. I love seeing what you have been getting up to.

Bye bye for now. Lots and lots of love to you all,

Ms Lowinger xxx

Hello lovely Red Class!

I hope everyone is Ok. I’m missing you all like crazy!

Life is pretty bizarre at the moment I know -but these strange times will pass. Life will return to normal eventually – and we will all be back together again as if nothing ever happened! Yippee!

Wonderful Red Class (unfortunately not all of Red Class )

In the meantime I will post pictures of when everything was normal and we were all busy at play and work in Reception…

Try and remember what it was you were doing in each photo and tell your grown-up. You could even write a caption to go with it.

Can you remember what we were eating?
We made it from the flesh of a large orange vegetable – can you remember the name of the vegetable?
Some of us liked it…
…and some of us didn’t!

It was pumpkin soup! Well done if you remembered correctly. For extra points, what was the Season?

I’ll be back with more photos from our time in Reception very soon – I think I have finally mastered how to do a blog!

Take care of your little selves. I’m thinking of you all.

Lots and lots of love. Xxx

Red Class

Hello lovely Red Class!

I hope everyone is ok. I miss you all so much!

I’m so glad I got to say ‘Good-bye (for now,)’ to some of you on the last day, I wish it had been to you all.

I will be posting lots of photos of us at work and play so that we can remember all the great times we have shared together and will again.

I will also give you lots of ideas of how you can keep playing and learning whilst at home. Our Reception journey may no longer be at school but it certainly isn’t over!

Carry on being amazing!

Lots of love,

Ms Lowinger xxx