3L Home Learning 2.12.21

Continue to practise our Christmas dances and songs. The links are on last week’s Home Learning blog.

This week’s spellings:

These words are adverbs – they describe a verb. The route word stays the same when you add the suffix ly to them.


Log in to MyMaths and have a go a the tasks I have set.

Don’t forget to bring in your pyjamas tomorrow!

3L’s Home Learning 12.11.21


This week’s spellings are: there, their and they’re.

Can you remember what they are called?

Put each word in a sentence with the correct spelling.


How quickly can you do your 5 times table now?

Write out all the number bonds to 20


Have a look around your home or on your way to and from school for anything that is: opaque, transclucent or transparent.

3L – Making Shadows!

In Science we have been learning about how shadows are created.

We looked at opaque, translucent and transparent materials to find out which one blocks the light the best.

We discovered that our bodies are opaque and that is why we create shadows. We had fun chasing each other’s shadows.

3L’s Home Learning 4th November

This week’s spellings: changing verbs from the present tense verbs to the past tense.

Write these words in the past tense.


Go on Timestables Rockstars and have a go at your 3 times table. How quickly can you do it?



You will probably hear and see a great deal of fireworks over the next few nights

What sounds do they make? What colours do they create as they explode in the sky? How do they make you feel? Write a list of all the words that you can think of that describe them.