I think everyone is very happy to be back at school. And I am very happy to have back my old Reception class!

In art this term we have been making a clay tile of a Victorian house.

On a beautiful sunny afternoon we did an observational drawing of one.

We are now making a clay tile of the house that we drew.


I hope everyone is ok. I also hope to see you all next week. It’s been sooooo long!

Here are some photos of some of your classmates and the things that they have been doing.

i think Sayde is really missing school.
I’ve really miss you and your beautiful art-work Sayde.
Taiya has been making a Supertato book. I love it! It looks like she made the characters for the story too out of old vegetables.
Akif has drawn a monster. Yikes! – its so scary!

Thank-you for sending me your fabulous work. Please keep them coming!

Take care lovelies.

See you next week! – in the, meantime stay safe.

Lots and lots of love. Xxxx


I hope everyone is well and good.

I have more photos to share with you from some of your classmates…

Akif has been experimenting with water and finding out about floating and sinking.

You have been working really hard Akif!

Thank you for sharing your wonderful work with us guys!

Keep sending me all your fabulous pictures. I love to see them!

Have a fab weekend!

Ms Lowinger xxx

More snails!

Today we found lots more snails as it was raining.

Snails love the rain!
We rolled the clay into a sausage and coiled it to create the spiral of the shell.


We went on a snail hunt in school today.

We had to look very hard for them.
When it is not raining snails like to hide in dark places.
We sprayed the leaves with water as snails like to slither about when it’s wet.
We really enjoyed watching them go about their business.
Bogdan drew 2 snails – the adult one and the baby one. You can see just how closely he looked at the snails by the amazing detail in the drawing.
Alex drew a huge snail. He drew the foot of the snail underneath its shell. He then cut it out extremely carefully. I love it!
Enzo really studied the snails and drew what he could see. What a fantastic observational drawing!
I love the facial expression on Korotoum’s snail.
What a wonderful spiral shell your snail has Samuel.

Alston’s home learning!

Alston has been working very hard at home.

What a fabulous picture Alston.
It looks like you are really working hard on your writing Alston – practice really does make perfect!
Those sums look very tricky! Well done Alston!

Fabulous work Alston!

It’s also lovely to see your face again!

Please send me photos of anything you have been up to so I can share them with everyone on our class blog; redhomelearning@holbeach.lewisham.sch.uk

Take care!

Ms Lowinger x


Hope everyone is safe and well and having a lovely half-term…

Here are some photos of Edie. She has been getting very creative at home.

Look at the amazing jungle Edie and her sister Esme made!
Edie watched the story of Swan Lake. She listened to the music and then made up her own dance.
I look forward to seeing it Edie – and I love your ballerina’s tutu made from cake cases!
Edie has also been writing about the things she has been doing. Wow! How lovely to be by the sea on a sunny day. I’m glad you kept your hat on!

Great work Edie!

Thank you for sending me your pictures so I can share them with your pals. It’s so fab to see you looking so happy and well and to see your amazing work.

If you would like to do the same, ask your grown-up to send your pictures to: redhomelearning@holbeach.lewisham.sch.uk

Bye-bye for now.

Take care of your little sleves and stay fabulous.

Lots of love,

Ms lowinger

ps. I bumped into Sayde at the park today – what a lovely surprise that was!