Home Learning 19.5.22

Hello Year Two,

As you all know we have been learning about seeds, plants and flowers in our Science lessons. We have made predictions about how we think seeds and bulbs will grow in different conditions, we have planted our own seeds and bulbs and we have learnt about the life cycle of a plant.

This week we would like you to consolidate your learning and click on the link below to watch the videos and take part in the quiz all about plants and flowers.


Good luck,

Miss Townsend and Miss Butler 🙂

Home Learning 5.5.22


Recently we have been learning lots of facts about minibeasts in our English lessons. Last week, lots of you wrote some fantastic minibeast riddles and we had lots of fun guessing which minibeast the riddle was about.

We will be continuing with our minibeast theme for the next week and for your home learning we are giving you a selection of minibeast based activities that we would like you to choose from.

Read through the activities and choose one you would like to do. You could choose to do more than one!

Miss Townsend and Miss Butler 🙂

Home Learning 31.3.22

Hello Year Two,

We are all very much looking forward to the Easter holidays. For the next couple of weeks we would like to keep a record of what you have been getting up to at home.

You might choose to write a diary or just write about one particular day of your holiday. You might want to draw or paint a picture of somewhere you went or something you saw.

When we all come back together after the holiday we would love you to bring something in that you have been working on at home and show the class.

Have a lovely holiday.

Miss Townsend and Miss Butler 🙂

Home Learning 17.3.22

This week in Science we have been learning about Microhabitats. We talked about the minibeasts we might find in microhabitats in our gardens, parks and streets.

This week we would like you to go on a minibeast hunt in your habitat. This could be in your garden, local park or street. Write a list of the minibeasts you find. We would love you to share with us at school what you found and you could even try to present the information in a block graph, tally chart or pictogram.

Good luck.

Miss Townsend and Miss Butler 🙂

Home Learning 3.3.22

Hello Year Two,

This week in Science we learnt about human and animal habitats. Click on the link below which will take you to BBC Bitesize and the Galaxy Pugs games. Choose to play the habitats game and then you could try the microhabitats game if you have time.


Good luck, let us know how you get on.

Miss Townsend and Miss Butler 🙂

Home Learning – 9.2.22

Hello year 2,

This week in English, we have been looking at the pictures and writing in non-fictions books about animals.

For your home learning, we would like you make a very short non-fiction book about something you are interested in (e.g. a pet, a sport, a car). Include a contents page, titles and drawings (diagrams) with information labels.

Don’t forget to bring your book in after half term!

Miss Townsend and Miss Butler 😊

Home Learning 20.1.22

This week our home learning will be an art activity.

In class we have discussed warm and cool colours and looked at them on the colour wheel.

This week we would like you to complete a drawing at home that combines warm and cool colours. For example you could draw a sunset or sunrise.

Or a tropical fish swimming in the ocean.

Whatever picture you decide to draw we would love to see it so don’t forget to bring it into school to show us.

Miss Townsend and Miss Butler 🙂

Home Learning 9.12.21

Hello 2B and 2T,

Don’t forget to log into My Maths and Bug Club as part of your home learning every week.

This week in our Art lessons we have been sketching, colour mixing and working with clay. We have been working on making clay and pastel teddy bears as our final pieces of art.

At home we would like you to continue to practice your sketching skills. Pick an object in your house, put it in front of you and have a go at sketching it. Remember it is ok if your work is messy and you have to try several times before you are happy with your work.

Don’t forget, if you would like to, bring it in and show it to he class.

Miss Townsend and Miss Butler 🙂

2T’s Memorable Experience

Over the past couple of weeks, 2T have been working hard on a cross curricular DT and English project. Based on the theme of ‘Old Toys’ we designed and made Jumping Jacks and Spinners. We also wrote a book about our Jumping Jacks, that includes our designs, instructions and an evaluation.

On Thursday we set up our classroom to look like a museum. We put out our toys and books and invited some guests to come along and look at all of hard work. We were visited by Mr Bulpitt, Mr Morris, Miss Little and all of 1L to name a few! We talked to our guests about how we made the toys, gave some demonstrations of how they work and showed people our books.