Home Learning 9.12.21

Hello 2B and 2T,

Don’t forget to log into My Maths and Bug Club as part of your home learning every week.

This week in our Art lessons we have been sketching, colour mixing and working with clay. We have been working on making clay and pastel teddy bears as our final pieces of art.

At home we would like you to continue to practice your sketching skills. Pick an object in your house, put it in front of you and have a go at sketching it. Remember it is ok if your work is messy and you have to try several times before you are happy with your work.

Don’t forget, if you would like to, bring it in and show it to he class.

Miss Townsend and Miss Butler 🙂

2T’s Memorable Experience

Over the past couple of weeks, 2T have been working hard on a cross curricular DT and English project. Based on the theme of ‘Old Toys’ we designed and made Jumping Jacks and Spinners. We also wrote a book about our Jumping Jacks, that includes our designs, instructions and an evaluation.

On Thursday we set up our classroom to look like a museum. We put out our toys and books and invited some guests to come along and look at all of hard work. We were visited by Mr Bulpitt, Mr Morris, Miss Little and all of 1L to name a few! We talked to our guests about how we made the toys, gave some demonstrations of how they work and showed people our books.

Year 2 Home Learning – (11.11.21)

Hello Year 2,

In Science, over the last couple of weeks we have been learning all about plants! We looked at the Eden project and were also inspired by botanist Jane Corden to draw our own plants!

Watch the video below by the Eden Project, about a strange plant which grows there:

This week, for your home learning , we would like you to invent and draw your own plant! Think about what all the different parts of the plant will look like (stem, flowers and leaves) and also what a plants needs to grow healthily. Will it grow in the sun or shade? Does it need soil, sand or water?

We look forward to seeing your plants!

Miss Butler and Miss Townsend 🙂

Home Learning 21.10.21

We hope you are looking forward to the half term holiday as much as we are. This holiday is a time for us to relax and enjoy spending some time at home with our families.

For your home learning we would like you to try and keep a diary about what you have been getting up to each day in the holiday. You could write one sentence about each day or you could pick one particular day and write some sentences about what you got up to. Don’t forget to use capital letters and full stops!

We hope you have a lovely break and we are looking forward to hearing all about what you have been up to when we return.

Miss Townsend and Miss Butler

Home Learning 7.10.21

Last week and this week in Science we have been thinking about what it means to be healthy. We have talked about what a healthy diet consists of and how we can keep our bodies healthy by taking part in regular exercise.

Meet the Athletes - Sports for Schools

Next week we will have a very exciting visitor coming into Holbeach, his name is Frederick Afrifa. Frederick is an athlete and has competed in many races, both nationally and internationally. Lots of you have kindly asked the adults at home to sponsor you in preparation for taking part in sports circuit Frederick will be running during the day. This week we would like you to click on the link below and watch the video. Practise the moves so you are confident for when you take part in the sports circuit.

Don’t forget to log into My Maths and complete your homework this week.

Miss Townsend and Miss Butler 🙂

Year Two – Toy Museum 29.9.21

Yesterday we had a very exciting visit from Pollock’s Toy Museum. Jack, who works in the museum, brought with him a selection of old and new toys for us to look at.

We got to look at a doll that was 140 years old! We discussed what materials we thought the doll was made from and how we had to be very careful when we were holding it.

Here are some more photos from the visit. We also got to look at and hold some old toys from different countries like Russia. We got to experiment with some toys that move and guess what we thought made the toys move up and down or forwards and backwwards.

What was your favourite toy? Mine was the chicken toy that we had to spin the ball round in order to make the chicken heads move up and down.

Miss Townsend

2T’s Class Promise

I just wanted to say well done to everybody in 2T for such a fantastic start to the new term. You have all settled in very well and are getting used to the new routines with confidence.

This week we have worked together to come up with a class promise. We decided together on some rules that will help to keep us safe and happy when we are at school and in the classroom. All the children in 2T agreed that they would try their best to stick to the rules and keep their promise.

Class Display

Culture Week 12th-16th June

This week 2T have enjoyed learning all about Poland. We have learnt how to say some simple polish words and found out a lot of information about the country itself. We really enjoyed trying different Polish foods, we had a class vote and the dumplings were the overall favourite. We have all made a Polish flag and completed a Polish fact file.

Even though it wasn’t about Poland we enjoyed a Chinese ribbon workshop earlier on in the week and we even performed a dance.

Today we enjoyed getting dressed up and representing our countries. At the end of the day we had a parade around the school. What a fun week we have had!

2T’s Visit to Whitstable

On Thursday 2T had a fantastic time visiting the seaside town of Whitstable. We were very lucky with the weather and the sun shone for most of the day. We saw so many exciting things. We started the day off with a slow walk alongside the harbour where we saw lots of fishing nets and fishing boats. We stopped at the fish market and had a look at all the fresh seafood for sale. We walked past the lifeboat station and saw a collection of small sailing boats. We ended up on the beach where we ate lunch. After lunch, the tide was out, so we got to explore the beach even further. We found shells, crabs, oysters amongst other things.

Overall we had a wonderful day.

2T’s Toy Museum

This term our topic has been ‘Toys’. We have spent lots of time discussing and looking at old and new toys. Recently the children in 2T have worked really hard in English and DT in order to create a Jumping Jack, Spinner and and a non-fiction instruction book to go with the Jumping Jack.

Jumping Jack Books
Jumping Jacks

This morning we set up the classroom like a toy museum. We carefully placed our items out on the tables and then enjoyed looking at each others books and toys. It gave us the opportunity to find out what each other had made and look at each others toys.