Royal Festival Hall – The Highway Rat

Today we traveled on the train to the Royal Festival Hall.

DSC06196 DSC06197 DSC06199 DSC06200

“I saw all of London on the train. It was big and I saw towers” – Siddiq

“I saw my mum’s work next to The Shard” – Dominic

We walked over the river.

DSC06201 DSC06202 DSC06203 DSC06204

“I saw a Swan” – Gustavo

“I saw the boats” – Ivy

Then we arrived at the Royal Festival Hall and had an inside picnic!

DSC06208 DSC06205 DSC06206 DSC06207

Finally it was time for the show to start. We heard the instruments being tuned, sang some songs and watched ‘The Highway Rat’ with a live soundtrack thanks to the London Philharmonic Orchestra. The music was incredible!

DSC06213 DSC06209 DSC06210 DSC06211

“My favourite instrument was the violin and it was the first instrument on the left” – Izzy

“My favourite instruments were the flutes in the middle” – Eva

“My favourite was the drums because it sounds really loud” – Adrian

“My favourite part of the Highway Rat was the party” – Obi

“I liked watching the movie and we were really quiet and we watched it” – Ariana

A big Thank You to all the adults that accompanied us on the trip!

The Teddy Robber

We have started learning the story of ‘The Teddy Robber’. We read the story and thought about the characters. Then we wrote some questions to ask the characters in the story.

Luckily, the characters came to visit us so we could ask our questions…

DSC06191 Tom’s fluffy Teddy.

DSC06192 The Giant striding into the classroom.

DSC06194 Tom answering our questions.

What question would you ask one of your teddies? What do you think their answer would be?

Year 1 Home Learning 4.10.18

Next week we will be looking at telling the time in Maths.  We will also be sequencing the days of the week and months of the year. You could listen to the songs below to help you practise.

Can you write the months of the year and days of the week? Can you think of anything special that happens on a particular day or in a particular month.  For example Miss Spicer has pancakes for breakfast on a Saturday.

You could think of some examples to share with your class next week.



Fair Testing – Friction

Today we were investigating how far cars can travel on different surfaces. We did this to test how much friction each material had.

We had to collaborate with our group to set up each fair test, measure the distance and record the results in our table.

The materials we tested were:

  • Bubble Wrap
  • Carpet
  • Paper
  • Wooden Floor
  • Cork
  • Shiny Material
  • Felt
  • Corrugated Card

DSC06183 DSC06184 DSC06185 DSC06186 DSC06187 DSC06188 DSC06189 DSC06190

We found out:

  • “The corrugated cardboard made the car go a shorter distance because it gave more friction” – Danny
  • “The floor had less friction so it was slippier and the car drove faster so it went a further distance” – Izzy
  • “The carpet had quite a lot of friction which made the car go slower so it went a shorter distance” – Edgar
  • “The paper made the car go a little faster, after it went halfway it slowed down” – Taiwo
  • “When we used the purple material was a little bit faster than the cork” – Ivy
  • “We were using paper and we let go of the car and it rolled. The car went a little bit fast a long distance” – Samson

Can you tell someone at home what you discovered about friction today? When do you think friction is useful?


Today we have been programming bee bots. First we experimented with our partner, to see how we could make it move and where we could make it go. DSC05984 DSC05987

Next we made the bee bot go round in a cirlce and made it dance!!DSC05990 DSC05983

Finally we challenged eachother to make the bee bot catch the fly.

DSC05992 DSC05993

What did you like about using the bee bots? Can you remember the instructions to make it go in a circle?

Welcome back 2S!

Welcome back 2S. I hope you all had a lovely summer. We have had a busy start to the term. Below you can see some of the learning that has taken place in the last 2 weeks.

During our first week at school we were lucky enough to receive a mysterious parcel. Inside was a copy of the story ‘The Gruffalo’ as well as a gruffalo puppet and a letter from the author Julia Donaldson. We have read the story,  acted out the story, made our own story maps and even written extra verses for the Gruffalo song to include some of the other characters.

We have also been focusing on our topic of ‘Toys’ bringing in our favourite toys to share and looking at the movements of toys. In P.E today we looked at how different equipment moves when different forces and strength of forces is exerted on them.

DSC05918 DSC05902 DSC05911


Thank You 2S for a brilliant start to Year 2!