Year 1 Summer Home Learning

Year Two - Rutherford House School

Well done Year 1 on a fantastic year at school where you have all worked so hard! Looking back on our year we have definitely had a busy one but it has been filled with so much learning, laughing and memorable experiences. Below are some ideas of learning that you could do over your summer holidays.

Reading – Lewisham Library have launched their Summer Reading Challenge information below.

If you get a chance, you might want to visit the new Catford Library that will be opening at the end of July.

Writing – Keep a journal or diary of some of the things that you do over the summer, this could include photographs, pictures you have drawn, writing and souvenirs from your holiday.

Maths – Help out in the kitchen by making a recipe. You could practice reading a scale by measuring ingredients. You could also practise division by sharing out snacks for the family.

Relaxing! – Listen to some of your favourite music, what does it make you think of? Play games with your family and friends. Build a den to relax in. Paint a picture, you could use summer as your inspiration.

On behalf of the whole Year 1 team, we would like to thank you all for such a wonderful year together. We wish you and your families a happy, healthy and relaxing Summer break! 😊

Year 1 Home Learning 14.07.2022

This week in Maths we have been learning about capacity. We have been comparing different containers and predicting which one holds more and which one holds less. We then used a measuring jug and read the scale to see exact measurements.

Play the game below to practise reading the scale:

Capacity Countdown – mobile friendly (

Have a look in your house for containers (they can be full or empty) with different measurements on them. Can you find any with ml and any with l? What does the ml and l mean?

Try putting them in order from the least to most capacity.

1S facts about cows

The little old man from the ‘Jack and the beanstalk’ story has bought a cow. The problem is… he doesn’t know how to look after a cow.

He asked us for our help. Yesterday we thought of questions about cows and today we found out information from William Whiskerson and Farmer Ben. We worked as a group to record all of the facts we could remember.

Can you remember and share some of your facts with someone at home?

Year 1 Home Learning – 7.7.2022

This week we have been celebrating Sports Week! We had a fantastic time at Sports Day on Tuesday!

For your home learning this week design some of your own sports day events. You could draw a picture of them, write the rules for your sports day games or maybe even try them out yourself at home.

Perhaps you can involve your friends and family at home and hold another sports day competition? Think carefully about the space, will this be an indoor or outdoor event? Please don’t buy any equipment, get creative with what you already have!

Events could include; Who can make the tallest cheerio tower? How many pairs of socks can you match up in 1 minute? How many starjumps can you do in 30 seconds?

We would love to hear about your sports days next week and see your drawings and writing about your event!

As an extra activity, you could make some medals to give out at your sports day!

Final Bee bot lessons

This week we have been programming the bee-bots and learning how to debug a sequence. Yesterday we worked with our partner to choose 2 positions on the bee bot mat and work out a route for our bee bot to take.

Today we used the bee bots to plan 2 different routes for the same start and end points. Again we had to plan the 2 seperate routes and test them out on the bee bots.

1S at the whole school dance party

As part of cultural week, today we have been learning about Brazil. We learnt about the famous carnivals in Brazil and the bright costumes and floats that people spend a lot of time making.

Before the class party, we made bright hats with ‘Growing’ as our theme and then colourful wristbands to shake as we danced. You can see us wearing them below, we would definitely fit in at a carnival! We joined in with the dance party and had such a fun time.

1S Cultural Food Tasting

Yesterday we went on a journey around the world using our tastebuds and tummies! 🌎🌏 Thank you to everyone who brought something in for us to try!

Below are the savoury foods we tried and where they are from:

Perogies – Poland, Soda Bread and Potato Bread – Ireland, Smoked Cheese -Germany, Byrek – Albania, Saltfish Fritters – Jamaica, Plantain – Africa, Kabuli Pulao – Afghanistan, Breadsticks – Italy. We also had a make your own taco station with guacamole and cheese tacos from America.

After this we tried some sweet treats from around the world including:

Eccles Cakes and Jam Tarts – England, Dutch Pancakes, Liquorice, Chocolate and Carrot cake – Brazil, Welsh cakes – Wales, Chocolate (Kinder) – Italy, Chocolate and Caramel Bread – Romania, Protein balls.