1S Pancake Making

As part of our topic ‘Eggs lets get cracking’ we have been looking at recipes with eggs. We also read the story ‘Mr Wolf’s Pancakes’ this week. Can you remember what happened in the story? Did Mr Wolf get any help from his neighbours? How did his neighbours make him feel? Can you remember what happened at the end of the story?

Today was our turn to make our own delicious pancakes, the thought of them made our tummies rumble and us lick our lips just like Mr Wolf! After designing our dream pancakes in groups we made the batter. Can you tell someone at home the ingredients we used? What did we do first?

After making our yummy pancakes it was time to add the toppings and enjoy them!

After we had enjoyed our tasty pancakes it was time for a competition!! We had a pancake flipping competition to see who could flip a pancake in the pan. (We used a cool pan and a pancake that we didn’t eat after!) We were all so impressed with each others skills and pancakes in the air and on the floor certainly made us laugh!!

Missing Number Game

Today we have been playing a game that you might like to try at home! We have been playing a missing staircase game.

We know that the numberblocks stand in order from 1-5 but sometimes they like to play a hiding game!

First we practised with the numberblocks, looking at the screen and identifying the missing one. Then we used cubes with our partner to play in pairs. We used 15 blocks to make a staircase and took it in turns to hide one of the numbers, while our partner closed their eyes. Our partner had to identify the number and then explain how they knew.

You could play this at home using blocks or perhaps you could draw and cut out the numberblocks. Why not try numbers to 10 if you get really good?

See the source image

When playing encourage your child to articulate how they know, here are some examples –

“I can see 3 and 5 together so 4 must be missing.”

“I can see 1, 2, 3 so I know 4 comes next.

Eggs Let’s get Cracking

Welcome back 1S! Today we cracked on with our new topic! To begin we tasted eggs cooked in 4 ways.

Can you remember the different ways Miss Spicer cooked the eggs? We had the opportunity to try the different eggs and recorded pictures and words to describe how they looked, felt and most importantly tasted!

Use the pictures below to tell someone at home all about our egg tasting morning. Which one was your favourite?

1S Memorable Experience

Today all of Year 1 met in the hall to watch our guess my dinosaur videos! Each group learnt facts about a different dinosaur. They then used these facts to write clues for a guess my dinosaur game. We videoed them sharing their clues. Can you guess the dinosaur they are describing?

We enjoyed some popcorn while we watched our films.

See the video below:

We also used the opportunity to share our dinosaur and safari animal junk models that we have been making in our very own gallery!

Have a look at the pictures from the museum below, which animals can you spot?

Investigating Materials in 1S

Today we were given a problem that we had to solve. Teddy keeps on getting wet in the rain. We need to make him an umbrella and we want to know the best material to use. Before we began, we looked at the materials and made our predictions.

With our group we tested one material at a time using the water. First we placed teddy in the pot and secured the material over the top with an elastic band. Then we dropped the water onto the material and watched what happened.

Once we had tested all the materials we thought about what we had found out. We used the results to make a conclusion. Which material did you think we should use for the umbrella? Is there a material that you would definitely not use? Why?

Year 1 Home Learning 9.12.21

This week we have been learning about repeating patterns in Maths. Can you find/make any repeating patterns at home.

You could think about colours, shapes and sizes of objects/shapes and use them or draw them to make your own repeating patterns. You could start by completing the repeating patterns below.

After looking at repeating patterns we started looking at patterns in numbers. Can you make your own number pattern? How do you know what number comes next? You can fill in the missing numbers below to get started:

It is also our Christmas performance on the 16th of December so if you get a chance at home don’t forget to practice singing the songs and see if you can remember the actions too.

Junk Model Dinosaurs and animals

In Art we have been making our own junk model dinosaurs and animals. We selected our animal and then carefully chose pieces of recycling to make the body, legs and head. Some of us chose to work in a group or with a partner. We had to make sure we were talking with each other to decide how to put our model together.

We used masking tape to hold all the pieces in place.

Once we had made our models, we covered them in glue and paper to make them sturdy and strong.

Next we will be adding colour to our models.