Year 1 Home Learning 20.06.22

This week we have been learning to add coins together to find the total amount. We have been learning about money so that we can run our plant stall at the Summer Fair on the 2nd of July.

Play the games below to practise your money skills.

You could set up a shop at home with someone. Set prices for items and practise selecting which coins you would use to buy them. What coins would you use to buy 2 items? Do you need to give any change?

Year 1 Home Learning 16.06.22

This week we are learning about Islam in R.E. We will be learning about important values to Muslims as well as some religious stories.

Ask someone at home if there is a story that has important values to them. This could be a religious story or one with a meaningful message.

After you have listened to the story, draw a picture or story map to help you remember the important parts. You could write the story if you wanted to.

We would love to hear your stories next week so please bring them in to share with us.

Giving Directions

Today we went outside and became bee-bot robots! We are learning how to follow and give instructions. Working with our partner, we took it in turns to be the robot.

Our partner had to give us instructions and then we followed them. We practised the instructions forward, backward, turn left and turn right. We had to make sure we gave a number at the end of our instuctions e.g forward 3, turn left, forward 1, backwards 2.

Can you turn someone at home into a bee bot? See if they can follow your instructions. Perhaps they could give you some instructions?

1S Class Assembly

Last half-term 1S performed their class assembly and did a brilliant job! Unfortunately, there were quite a few children who were unable to attend our class assembly (but who had been working hard to learn songs, lines and how to play an instrument).

As everyone had worked so hard, we thought we would record our speaking parts and songs so that you can enjoy all of their hard work at home!

We hope you enjoy this wonderful showcase of all of the children’s hard work and love for their learning and topic.

Year 1 Home Learning 9.6.22

This week we are continuing to grow plants for our plant stall at the Summer Fair.

We looked at the lifecycle of a Sunflower and each planted some seeds.

For your home learning this week, we would like you to design a ‘How to look after your plant’ poster or leaflet.

It should contain information about how to look after a plant and you could include some pictures to help too.

Bring them in to school and we will make copies to give out with the plants that we sell at the Summer Fair on the 2nd of July.