Yr 2 Distance Learning Resources


Here are some resources to support with your home learning this week:



Dodona - Palindrome in Scrabble









Miss Spicer, Miss Townsend and Miss Butler 🙂

Year 2 Distance 01.06.20


Welcome to another week of home learning, we hope you enjoyed the half term and managed to have a rest.

As normal there is a link to the home learning document and a separate post that will have the resources you need.

As always there will be a separate maths and reading comprehension blog post.

We look forward to and love receiving photos and videos showing what you have been learning and doing at home. hat you have been getting up to at home over the last 6 weeks. Not only that it’s great to see your smiling faces too! Keep sending them in for us to share on a Friday.

As always, if you have any questions or want to send work in, email us at:




Take care,

Miss Spicer, Miss Townsend and Miss Butler

2S Sharing Assembly 22.05.20

Good Afternoon 2S ☀️

I hope you have all had a good week. Not only is the sun making me smile but also seeing what you have been up to and getting your work via the class email is bringing a smile to my face.

Next week is half-term so I hope you all enjoy your week, the sunny weather is supposed to be here for a little while longer so I will be making the most of that (not forgetting my suncream, hat and sunglasses! 😎)

You can keep sending pictures and videos to our email address though, just to remind you its:


Take a look below to see what your friends have been up to this week.

Have a wonderful week, stay safe and I look forward to the next sharing assembly.

Love from Miss Spicer 🙂

Amari has been baking cookies this week and I have to say they are making my tummy rumble! Amari they look delicious, I hope you had as much fun eating them as you look like you did making them.

Cruise has been working on the problems of the day in Maths. Great strategy to use drawings to help like in picture 2 Cruise!

Diana has been working on the problem of the day too but with a different method. That’s brilliant that you are choosing the right method to help you!

Eden has also been completing the problem of the day. I like the use of different colours to help you with your maths. I especially like how I get the extra chocolate Eden but we should probably have 7 each and call the extra one a remainder. Well done for practicing your spelling too Eden.

Here you can see Jake’s colourful coral reef and his new designs for crayon’s. Jake has also made a 3 in 1 bag, instrument and cage. What a great idea to make an instrument easily portable, you can play wherever you go!

2S Sharing Assembly 15.05.20

Hello 2S,

I hope you have all had a lovely week. It’s a shame we have not had as much sunshine this week but I’m keeping my fingers crossed for some more sun next week!

It has been so fantastic to see your work this week. Have a look below to see what you and your friends have been sharing.

Remember you can share work/what you have been doing at home for our assembly next week. Email your work, a photograph/video to 2shomelarning@holbeach.lewisham.sch.uk

I hope you have a great weekend and I look forward to seeing more of your work next week!

Miss Spicer

Hasan has been busy completing his maths work and practising his writing. I can see you have been practising your handwriting Hasan, it’s improving all the time. Keep up the good work.

Leo has been keeping a weather diary, it looks very colourful! I hope Saturday and Sunday brings sunny weather. We’ve been doing Joe Wickes P.E at school but tennis looks like a great way to try new skills. Leo has also been busy this week cooking and made a lentil curry for his family, it sounds delicious!

Eden has been keeping up with the problem of the day on the blog and in her Maths book. I hope you enjoyed reading about the hedgehogs too, they are one of my favourite animals. I loved seeing the pictures of you making pizza for DT this week. Did you share with your family? I hope you all enjoyed your tasty pizza!

Whilst in school this week Michelle made a tortilla pizza. First she spread the tomato puree, then grated cheese for her pizza. Next she sprinkled the cheese on top and we cooked it in the oven. Michelle made sure that she cleaned up and washed the dishes too. I hope it tasted as yummy as it looks.

Rimaya used all the coloured pens to draw a beautiful rainbow and say thank you to our NHS! Rimaya is going to put her rainbow in her window so everyone that walks past can enjoy seeing it!

Diana has been keeping up with her Maths learning but this week has also really focused on learning and practising spelling too. There are lots of strategies you must be using Diana. Spelling is something we were working on in our phonics lessons and I’m pleased to see all this practise you are doing Diana!

Jake has been learning about ways to communicate in History. He has made a cup phone to talk to his brother and designed a hologram communication for the future. Did you like communicating through the cup Jake? How loud did you have to talk? I look forward to receiving my first hologram message soon!