Goodbye 1S Ducklings 🐥

Today we said goodbye to the ducklings that we have been looking after. The children and staff had mixed emotions as they said goodbye. That’s OK to feel this, it is sad to see them go especially as we’d looked after them so well. We can be happy though that not only have they been well looked after but they are going back to the farm where they will get more space as they grow.

Goodbye ducklings we have loved having you in our class and watching you grow! We love you 🐣♥️

We made goodbye cards to send to them. 🐥

1S Duckling Diaries

For the past 2 weeks we have been keeping a duckling diary and writing entries about the eggs arriving, ducklings hatching and lots more!

Today we were feeling particularly proud of ourselves and wanted to show our hard work! We were writing facts about ducks and everyone worked hard to write down facts they found interesting for their diaries.

I hope when you look at the photos below you see not only their lovely pieces of work but also the pride on their faces. Super work 1S!!!

1S Duckling Watch 🐣

Today we discovered that the ducks are good at jumping!

This one jumped on the brooder plate!

We also had the ducks out and held them again today. This time we held them in small groups so that we could each have longer to hold them. We also fed some of them out of our hands. How did they feel? What was your favourite part about holding them today?

Look at the pictures below to tell someone at home what it was like.

After we had given the ducks a cuddle we put them in the pool for a swim.