Goodbye 4A! A farewell from Miss Ashby.

In September, we had grand plans for you this year. Little did we know that this was going to be a very strange year!

In some ways, it has been the most memorable year of our lives. In others, it has been one of the most challenging.

But one this is for sure: you have all worked hard and should be very proud of yourselves. We are all very proud of how far you have come this year. All the photos of you and the fabulous things you have done since March always make me smile – thank you! 😊

I’m sad our year together was cut short so suddenly, and we didn’t get to finish it together, but I am so looking forward to seeing you in September as you go into Y5.

I know you will carry on being fantastic in Y5, and Ms Akitoye and you are lucky to have each other. I have loved being your teacher.

Have a wonderful, safe and relaxing summer break. Be kind, be thoughtful, be helpful.

Miss Ashby

Y4 English – Wednesday

Good morning Year 4!

Today’s creative writing task is to tell the story of someone who really hates sunflowers and tries to get rid of them all.


One survives!

You could tell the story using 3rd person point of view (he/she/it/they), or you could tell the story from the point of view of the person who hates sunflowers, or even from the sole surviving sunflower – the choice is yours!

Y4 English – Tuesday

Today’s writing challenge is a fun one! Write a conversation between two sunflowers.

Perhaps they are just two sunflowers growing side-by-side.

Or perhaps they are in a field of other sunflowers.

Maybe they have been wrapped up together in a beautiful bunch of flowers.

What would be talking about? You can download the conversation template if you want.