I hope that everyone has made some good friends this year, even though you have been separated for these past few months. You will all meet again in September and find your friends once more in year 1. Good friends don’t forget each other. Here’s a lovely song to help us to remember, that, whatever happens, we will always have our friends. Have a good summer everyone!

Who are you?

This is a song about what it’s like to be me, or you!

If you click on the link above, you will find lots of activities to do with this song. You could think about what it means to be you, and how special and different we all are! The children could try writing all their favourite things and think about themselves and their identity.

Songs about potatoes!

I’ve found some songs about potatoes to go with the stories about Supertato…. which one do you like best?

Hot Potato Song
One Potato, two potatoes
This is a funny one! Can you say potato as fast as they can?
A sweet little song about being a potato.
This is an old song called The Mashed Potato by Dee Dee Sharp – you can learn the dance.

Can you find any more songs about potatoes?

Taiya’s home learning

Look at what Taiya has been doing!

Taiya’s mummy says that she’s also been planting some seeds and learning all about the life cycle of a plant. She has been learning her number bonds to 10 (wow!) and doing some addition and subtraction. And of course, she’s still reading lots. Very well done Taiya!

If you would like to send pictures of what your child has been doing, please do not hesitate to send them to me at:

How well can you listen?

Have a listen to this BBC Radio activity. Can you say what animals you can hear? And where might they come from?

Look the animals up on the internet. Why don’t you draw some of them and send in your pictures. Listen carefully to the music. Perhaps your mummies and daddies could help you think about where the music might come from and what animals would live there.