1L visit Catford Library

On Tuesday, we visited Catford Library. We enjoyed reading lots of books with our friends and independently. The librarian read us two stories too.

We chose 5 books to borrow and enjoy back at school.

You can borrow more books from the library if you visit with your families! You will get your own library card. It’s a great place to visit at the weekends or in the holidays.

Ducklings Day 5 1L

After lunch, we found another duckling had hatched!

We named the new hatchling, Daisy Duck!

The ducklings in the brooder box are called Sunny, Fluffy Dan and Toffee!

This afternoon, we put them in the swimming pool for their first swim!

Albert and Jasper will duckling sit them this weekend. Thank you for your instructions to help them!

Check back on the blog over the weekend for more updates!