Year 1 Sharing Assembly

Welcome to our Year 1 Sharing Assembly. We will be sharing work from both at home and at school!

At school, everyone has settled well into their bubble classes. It’s been a busy week! We have had lots of fun with our friends.

This bubble are sharing some English work. We have thought about what we would like to be when we grow up. Great ideas!

Great Maths too!

Here are some more marvellous Mathematicians!

We have been playing, reading, counting and drawing with our friends!

We have been preparing for the Year 1 carnival this week! I love the costumes! We have also drawn our own timelines and had a go at the cloud experiment! Well done!

Oscar has been designing a Rainbow Croc for his carnival outfit! He is bright, colourful and has snappy teeth. Super Maths and History too! Well done!

Lorenzo has been busy with his Maths and reading this week! Well done Lorenzo!

Kemela has been busy with Maths too! Well done!

Thank you Year 1. You are all superstars!!

Children at home- don’t forget to send your carnival dances to us! We can’t wait to make a big Year 1 carnival video!

1L’s Sharing Assembly

Happy Friday 1L! We have lots to enjoy again at our fabulous sharing assembly. Well done to everyone.

Ianis is in Romania with his family. Here he is with a baby cow. Do you know the name for a baby cow?

It’s lovely to see your happy, smiling face Ianis and what a cute calf too.

Sam has been designing, calculating and writing. I just love your peom! Well done!

At school, we have been enjoying the lovely weather. We made arrays in the water tray and kept nice and cool!

We also looked at the sky and made different shades of blue.

Stella has been busy with her Maths, spelling and Art! I also really love your poster!! Well done!

Oscar has been learning about the water cycle- great science! Oscar made his own book- I love that! Super Maths too! Well done Oscar!

Here is a sky collage by Stella, Luka and Sam. It’s beautiful. Thank you.

Luka has been enjoying arrays this week- horaaaarry! I also love your blue sky painting and your suitcase drawing! Well done, Luka!

Well done to everyone.

I am looking forward to seeing some of you next week in school. If you are still at home next week, I will see you here on the blog.

Have a great weekend and keep being fabulous! x

Everyone is welcome at Holbeach

On Friday, we watched this story (click on the link below) and talked about how lucky we are at Holbeach. Everyone is different and everyone is special.

We made some posters. We are very proud to be part of the Holbeach family.

Maybe you could make a poster and send it to your class email address.

1L Sharing Assembly

It’s been another busy week and we have lots to share. I am so proud of you all, 1L!

Luka is sharing work from the last few weeks, thanks Luka! Luka has made some lovely treats! Cupcakes, a ‘Crouching Tiger Hidden Zebra Cake’, ice lollies and smoothies- delicious! Then he wrote some recipes. He also did some Handa Surprise story writing too.

Luka wrote a fruit riddle. Can you solve it?

I can also see great maths and gardening!

Well done, Luka!

This week, Luka has also been thinking about how to be a Kind friend. I agree Luka. I think you are a really good freind. I can also see some beautiful artwork from our experiment and maths too. Keep up the great work!

In school, we have been organising objects into arrays. Can you describe them? How many groups can you see? How many are in each group? Can you tell us the matching number sentence?

Today, we found out that we can dye material using flowers! It was so much fun doing the flower experiment. We might try some different coloured petals next week.

Isis and her Grandma have made a video to help everyone at home at this strange time. Thank you for sending it to us. Open the link below to watch it.

Isis loved learning about Venn diagrams.
She went for a walk in the forest and found lots of mini beasts. Isis particularly liked finding ladybirds because they matched her jacket!

Well done, Isis!

Kamela has been drawing at home and completing the daily maths challenges. Well done, Kamela!

Stella thought about what she would pack in a bag if she had to leave her home quickly. I can see that you have thought very carefully. She has also made Lego jelly! Yummy!! Well done, Stella!

Oscar has been busy doubling, painting and making! I really love the dolls house. So amazing!

Well done Oscar!

Thanks everyone!

1L Sharing Assembly!

Hello lovely 1L,

I hope you have had a great week. I have some super work to share with you all. Also, thank you for all the rainbow photos so far. If you haven’t sent one yet. There is still time!

Let’s get sharing this week’s learning…!

At school, we completed Noah’s challenge. We had to think about which animals could go on the boat. The rule was that the total number of legs had to be 12. Well done for thinking of so many ways!

Can you solve these animal riddles?

Abdula has written instructions for how to make fruit kebabs! Yum! Great writing.

Isis has made a rainbow cake! Yummy! She used this rhyme to help to remember the order of the colours…’Richard Of York Gave Battle In Vain’. I think that might help me too, Isis.

Isis has been doing her data handling Maths work.

Isis has got very good at the game Headbands. That looks fun! Well done Isis!

Luka has had his 6th Birthday! Happy birthday to you. I hope you had a lovely day. These cupcakes look delicious!

Kamela has also completed Noah’s challenge and drawn some tasty looking ice creams. Well done.

Oscar has been busy. For his art lesson, Oscar chose to draw ‘The Opposite World” as his landscape. A crazy world where opposites happen, with wobbly towers, aliens and flying cars. 

I can also see some great data handling and science work. Well done, Oscar!

Lorenzo has been busy with his Maths and English. He has also now started reading The Giraffe and the Pelly and Me by Roald Dahl. Lorenzo- I love that book! If we were in school, I would have read it to the class! Let me know if you enjoy it. Well done Lorenzo!

Stella you have done lots! I can see your sunflower is growing tall. Well done for writing in your diary every week! Stella made her landscape using Lego and has drawn it too. I wonder if you can guess where it is? She also found out the difference between fruit and vegetables. Great Maths and spelling too.

In other news, Stella lost a tooth. I love your letter to the tooth fairy. What did she bring you?

Well done, Stella!

Well done, everyone! We are so proud of you all. Have a super weekend.

YEAR 1 PLEASE SEND ASAP Rainbows and Smiles

Hello Year 1,

Thank you for all the rainbow photos so far. They are gorgeous. If you haven’t sent us a photo yet, perhaps you could this week!

As we can’t all be together just yet, we thought it might be a nice idea to make class collages so we can all see each other on here!

Can you draw, paint or make a rainbow however you like and send us a photo of yourself holding it? We will put all of the photos together to make big class photos.

Here is Mog’s photo…

Please spread the word to your friends and send your photo to your class email address. Let’s share some smiles and rainbows!

1L’s Sharing Assembly

Hello 1L,

I hope you have all had a fantastic week! I have another amazing sharing assembly for us all to enjoy…

Let’s start with Ana-Clara and Isis who are sharing their half term news…

Ana Clara took part in bee week. I love your buzzy bee! She has also been busy with lots of other arts and crafts and maths too. You look like you are having so much fun!

Isis has been growing tomatoes! She is very happy with their progress and how tall they are getting.
Isis has planted some seeds in her new salad garden. She has planted lettuce, tomatoes and cucumber. Her grandmother and great-grandmother helped too! 

She also found a key in the garden when she was digging. She decided to create a story about it. What a fantastic idea! I can’t wait to read the story!

Isis has made some spider biscuits! Don’t they look yummy?!

Finally, Isis drew a beautiful rainbow! Maybe you can send a photo of yourself holding it for our class collage?

Well done Isis!

This week, Ana Clara has been enjoying the lovely weather in the park with her brother!

At school we have been making fruit kebabs. They tasted delicious! Well done everyone.

Stella has made fruit kebabs and made a salad! Great chef skills! I love the instructions. I might make some by following your instructions.

Great drawing and maths too!

Well done Stella!

Sophie has made fruit kebabs too! Yum! Chocolate too- what a treat. Super writing and maths too!

Well done Sophie!

Oscar has designed and made a fruit kebab too! Mmmm! He also made his own shop to sell them. I really wish I could come to your shop, Oscar!

Lots of drawing, writing and maths from Oscar too! I really love the ostrich.

Well done!

Sam has made fruit kebabs and written instructions too! I really like that you included the ingredients list. Delicious!

He also made a comic book.

Well done, Sam!

Well done everyone! Have a lovely weekend and we will see you on the blog next week.

Love from

Miss Little x