Year 1 Home Learning

We have been learning about 3D shapes.

Cube, cone, cylinder and sphere! Do you know any other 3D shapes? How many faces do they each have? What about vertices? Do they have flat faces or curved faces or both?

Over the half term can you go on a 3D shape hunt? You could take photos of what you find or record your work by writing a list.

For example:

A bin is a cylinder.

A football is a sphere.

Here are some songs we have enjoyed too.

Enjoying hunting for 3D shapes! You could share your work with the class after half term!

Have a wonderful holiday and see all soon!

Year 1 Egg Drop

Farmer Ben asked us to design and make a container to carry the chick eggs safely from the farm to us.

We had great fun planning, making and best of all testing our containers!

Some worked and some went SPLAT!

These containers did not work…

Why do you think these did not work?

These did work…

Why do you think these worked?
Sam kept a record of our predictions and results. Thanks Sam.

We love our library!

Today, we visited the school library. We will now be visiting every Wednesday. We enjoyed reading lots of different kinds of books.

This is what some of us thought about our time in the library today…

“It was very relaxing” Julie-Grace

“It was very peaceful” Sam

“I liked the Where’s Wally books” Lorenzo

“I read our Penguin book in the library” Mason

Year 5/6 Basketball Pathway Competition

On Thursday 23rd January some children from Years 5 and 6 took part in a Basketball competition.

Well done to everyone! Everyone played really well and we are really proud of you! Holbeach were spotted as the most respectful team out of the many taking part. Ms Bozzao said that our team were very considerate of each other and that they showed that they knew the rules very well.