Reading stories to Purple Class and Albert the cat!

We have been working hard on our new versions of ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’. Today we read them to Purple Class and Albert the cat. Thank you for listening so well RW and Albert!

Thank you Anna-Clara for the lovely bed you made and brought in for Albert!

Albert might have job in the office now…





Year 1 Easter Home Learning

Practise telling the time. We have been looking at O’clock and half past times.

How do you know when it is 8 O’clock? Where are the hands? What about half past 8?

You could use the clock you made to practise this.

You could wear a watch over the holidays to help you practise too.

What time do you get up? Have breakfast? A bath? Lunch? Dinner? Brush your teeth?

You could write down the times you do different things each day.

Have a fabulous holiday Year 1 and see you all in two weeks time!