6F – PE in the Park

This year, Year 6 have been having our PE sessions over in Ladywell Fields.

During the first term, we learned how to play football. Now we’re in the summer term, it’s time for athletics! We practised our baton passing skills then used them in a relay race.

Because it was so hot today, we needed a cool down in the shade with some of the yoga that we learned during our online lockdown PE lessons.

6F Black History Month – The Undefeated

6F have been lucky enough to win a fantastic prize!

As a part of the ‘Let’s Celebrate Black Lives’ project from The Children’s Bookshow, we have been selected to receive 30 copies of an amazing book called The Undefeated by Kwame Alexander and Kadir Nelson.

Each child in the class will get their own copy of the book to take home and keep for ever! We have received one copy already and the others will be here soon!

We are over the moon to be chosen and and we cannot wait to start reading and studying this fantastic book!

(As there are only 24 children in the class and we have been given 30 books, we would like to donate the remaining books to 6L, 5A, 5D and 5G so that they can read it too!)

Year 6 – Home Learning for Half Term

Hello Year 6!

We hope you have a really restful half term holiday – you have worked very hard over these past few weeks.

We would like you to log-in to MyMaths (please check the letter that was sent home for the log-in details).


We have set you some homework on shape. Once you have done this, there are games to play and practice as well. Have fun!

We would also like you to learn and practise these spellings.

What do you notice about these words?

Can you make up a rule?

You could create a game or quiz your parents!

Educational Visit to the British Museum

Welcome to your educational visit to the British Museum!


Can you find these objects in the museum?

Any artifacts that you didn’t find at school, can you find them at home?

6F – Science

In Science, we have been learning about light. We now know how we see, how light is reflected and this week we have learned all about refraction.

We saw what happens when an object is viewed through water: the light waves change speed as they travel through the water causing the image that we see to appears to bend.

Can you explain what happens to the arrow when seen through the glass of water?

6F Sharing Assembly 26th

Hello 6F! How are you all? I hope that you’ve had a lovely week whether you’ve been at home or at school.

If you have something that you want to share, send it to 6fhomelearning@holbeach.lewisham.sch.uk

Let’s have a look at what you’ve been up to:

Shirley is still keeping up the hard work!

Myron’s Windrush statue design
Padma chose to create two poems based on the last image from The Arrival
Delano’s plan for his Windrush sculpture- he even designed a ‘Windrush flag’ which was a mixture of lots of flags from Caribbean countries.
Krystal’s statue design – with a message that we must all remember.
Callum’s statue design looks so real and 3D!
Anneiqua’s letter from the father in The Arrival – it might bring a tear to your eye!
Some excellent multiplication from Fatima!
Eduardo’s writing based on The Arrival by Shaun Tan – can you believe the quality and quantity?!
Zivan’s dialogue – he has varied the way he begins his sentences which is really effective!
Aarush’s Maths – he’s certainly feeling confident with multiplication!
Galilea has mastered the partitioning method this week! Well done!
Naomi’s writing is not only beautifully neat and well organised, but it’s also really interesting and heartfelt!
I love how Isaac has made the reader feel that they’re really there – it creates such a vivid image!
Didem’s plans for her Windrush statue are so detailed and precise!
Wow! Reece! Your Maths is so well-organised. I can’t see how much care you’re putting in to it!