1L’s chicks (Day 4 and 5)

Day 4- Diary Entry By Paige

We now have 9 Chicks! 2 Boys and 7 Girls! Sadly one egg did not hatch. The names of our chicks are…

Boys: Max and Jonny

Girls: Little, Lilly, Ellie, Cheepy, LOL, Biff and Happy feet.


This afternoon we made puppets for the chicks and put on some puppet shows!

We also invited our class buddies to see the chicks and we shared some interesting facts with them. Thanks for coming 2T!

Diana also made a lovely puppet theatre for the chicks!




One thought on “1L’s chicks (Day 4 and 5)”

  1. I hope the chick’s are fluffy.I hope the last egg will hatch and not die.I hope your cats will not eat the chick’s at night when you’re sleeping.I wish the last egg is a girl if it hatches.

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