5F – Swimming

Well done 5F, you have completed your two week block of swimming every day!

We are so proud of you. You have all made great progress and are swimming brilliant.

Also, your behaviour has been amazing! You were mature, sensible and considerate of other people. You received complements from bus drivers, members of the public and your swim instructors!

Please ask your parents and carers to take you swimming again soon so that you keep all of the skills that you’ve gained!

Year 1 Home Learning

Please remember to listen to your child reading for 10 minutes every day 🙂

This week we would like you to practise these common exception words. Read them, say them out loud and write each word three times. After practising the words, ask an adult to test you to see if you can remember how to spell them. Then think of a sentence for each word. For example: I saw a mouse at the farm.

This week in Maths we have been practising arrays. At home try and make an array using fruits and vegetables and describe it to an adult. Draw a picture of your array or ask an adult to take a photo and send it to your teacher.

5F – Maths

Today in Maths, we started with the question ‘What is the most common colour Skittle?’

We emptied the bag to see, but realised that we needed a more organised, precise way to compare the amount of each colour.

So we decided to group them!

Although this helped, it didn’t allow us to be as accurate as we needed.

Therefore, we counted them using a tally chart.

This was better, but we wanted to visually compare the amounts so we created bar charts.

It was great to see each group approach the task in different ways!

Which was the most common colour in your bag?

Which was the least common?