This week in maths we have been focusing on triangles. We learnt that all triangles have straight lines. We talked about whether a Dorito was a triangle, we decided that it wasn’t because its sides aren’t all straight. We looked at triangles in art and architecture. We learnt that triangles have three angles. We used our hands to feel the definition of an angle and played with the idea of creating rotations.

We used concrete resources to play around with: length of lines and joining three lines together.

Ducklings in 1G..home for the weekend!

The ducklings have had a lovely weekend at Miss George’s house! They have had lots of naps under their heat pad. They have had many visitors some young and some old, some furry and some human! The ducklings even had a little splash around on Saturday night in a warm bath.

Fluffy Duffy, Biscuit, Cutie and Dinky are very excited to get back to school and see all the children in 1G tomorrow! 🙂

Reception Parents Reading Workshop

A big thank you to all the parents that attended the recent workshop, where we discussed ways of helping reception age children develop as readers at home. It was lovely to see the excitement on the children’s faces as their parents joined them in class to have a special reading time together!

Measuring in 2L

In Maths, we have been learning about Measurement.

We have been using a ruler and metre stick to measure the length and width of objects.

We have been using weighing scales to measure the mass of an object and recording the weight.

We have been using different sized measuring jugs and containers to measure the volume of a liquid.

We followed a recipe to make a magic potion. We had to ensure the measurements were accurate in order for it to work!

Ducks! Day 5 in 1G

We have had another fantastic day with the ducklings in 1G!

Today we got them out of the brooder box and each had a turn to stroke one. We then filled up the paddling pool and let them splash around – the ducklings loved it!

We have chosen names for all 4 ducklings.

The 2 brown-y coloured ducks are called Fluffy Duffy and Biscuit. The 2 yellow-y coloured ducks are called Cutie and Dinky!

We also wrote very detailed instructions for how to look after the ducks over the weekend!!!

Keep checking the blog for updates 🙂

Ducklings Day 5 1L

After lunch, we found another duckling had hatched!

We named the new hatchling, Daisy Duck!

The ducklings in the brooder box are called Sunny, Fluffy Dan and Toffee!

This afternoon, we put them in the swimming pool for their first swim!

Albert and Jasper will duckling sit them this weekend. Thank you for your instructions to help them!

Check back on the blog over the weekend for more updates!