Home Learning

Please listen to your child read every day for 10 minutes. Reading for at least 10 minutes every day is great for your child’s happiness, wellbeing and, of course, for improving their reading and writing.

Ten tips to help your child take 10 minutes to read every day

  1. Create a routine, set a specific time each day to read that works best for your family. You could set up a cosy reading corner at home or be out and about!
  2. If your child is an independent reader, make sure you grab your favourite book to read as well to show them how important reading is to you.
  3. Set a timer to help you all hit 10 minutes.
  4. Turn off your phone or TV so there are no distractions.
  5. You could pop to the library to find the perfect book, magazine or comic for you and your children.
  6. Create a Take 10 reward board where everyone gets a star for every 10 minutes they read, and at the end of the week everyone can get a treat.
  7. Create a bookmark based on your child’s favourite book or character.
  8. If English isn’t your first language try some dual-language books, you can talk about books and stories and help develop a love of reading.
  9. Encourage your child to read when out and about – signs, posters, labels etc
  10. Look for books on topics that you know your child is interested in.

Please bring your child’s books to school daily in their book bag.

To the Rescue!

This week we have been learning all about Superheroes and their powers. The children were introduced to the importance of healthy eating and keeping fit. We enjoyed learning some Superhero moves and dances! We created our own Superheroes and designed belts, capes and wristbands. We read the story Super Happy Magic Forest and created beautifully detailed maps to help the 5 heroes navigate their way home.