Vector Drawings

Year 5 displayed the Vector Drawings we created this half term as part of our Water Exhibition.

We used drawing software to create images with different shapes. We had to be able to layer the shapes in the right order and think about how to resize and colour them. We have also had to think about the keyboard shortcuts for copying, pasting and grouping objects.

Snowy Festive Fun

Here are some pictures of our Christmas themed learning over the past two weeks. The snow was a wonderful added bonus!

Well done to all of the children who performed in the Christmas show today! The staff were all very proud of the children. Please send any photos you took to

I hope all of the children who are poorly get well soon.

Also, thanks for all of our lovely Christmas cards and gifts. Happy holidays to all.

Guess my Dinosaur by 1L

Today, we had our memorable experience. We set up a dinosaur/animal museum and cinema in the hall!

First we looked at our wonderful artwork and then we watched both 1L and 1G’s ‘Guess My dinosaur’ films. We listened to some great clues and guessed correctly!

Maybe you could watch the films at home with your families. Can they guess correctly? How many can they get right?