Maths in Action

Children are naturally curious and learn best when they find an activity fascinating. The children in Purple Class were asked to make a number using shells.

The children enjoyed extended their play and the results were fantastic!

Margo and Annie wanted to make a large number. They discussed which number was bigger 100 0r 1000! Together they practised writing numbers and used the 100 grid to try and reach the number 100. They decided smaller shells were needed to achieve this and spent time sifting through the box looking for what they needed to complete their self chosen task.

Grey and D’Asia spent time counting and organising their shells into different shapes. Once they were happy with the arrangements they accurately counted them and enjoyed recording their work pictorially.

Some children choose to draw a shape first and then fill it in using shells. Cece counting 46 shells on her rainbow.

Jago copied the subitising mat and made numbers one to six. As Jago sequenced the shells we talked about how the numbers are getting bigger by 1 each time. Destiny made the number 7 and recorded her findings by drawing the shells in the shape that she made. Freddie ordered his shells according to size, he counted 1:1 to 10 accurately.

Great work mathematicians!

‘The Tiger Who Came To Tea’

This week in Year 1 we have been reading ‘The Tiger Who Came To Tea’

The children have really enjoyed learning the story and participating in lots of different activities linked to the story and the characters!

Here are some photos of us drawing tigers, making tiger puppets, writing speech bubbles for the characters, sequencing the story and helping the tiger to learn place value with teen numbers!

Enjoy the story below!