Year 1 Home Learning 14.07.2022

This week in Maths we have been learning about capacity. We have been comparing different containers and predicting which one holds more and which one holds less. We then used a measuring jug and read the scale to see exact measurements.

Play the game below to practise reading the scale:

Capacity Countdown – mobile friendly (

Have a look in your house for containers (they can be full or empty) with different measurements on them. Can you find any with ml and any with l? What does the ml and l mean?

Try putting them in order from the least to most capacity.

Home Learning – 18.7.22

Hello Year 2,

Can you believe that our time in Year 2 has almost come to an end! For your Home Learning this week, we would like you to reflect on this year and think about all the exciting things we have done!

Tell an adult/sibling at home, what your favourite thing(s) have been. Next week, we will have some time to share these special moments with the rest of the class (you can write and/or draw if you would like to).

What an AMAZING year it has been!

Miss Butler and Miss Crooks 🙂

Isle of Wight – Day 3

Hello! We have had another lovely day!

We started of by taking a chairlift down to the beach. It was a bit scary at first but we all loved it in the end.

Then we got onto a boat and had a cruise around the Needles.

After that, we travelled to Black Gang Chine.

We went to the beach for the final time and had so much fun!

Today was Nia’s birthday and we made sure that we made her feel special! There were balloons, presents, cards and a cake!!