Year 1 Summer Home Learning

Year Two - Rutherford House School

Well done Year 1 on a fantastic year at school where you have all worked so hard! Looking back on our year we have definitely had a busy one but it has been filled with so much learning, laughing and memorable experiences. Below are some ideas of learning that you could do over your summer holidays.

Reading – Lewisham Library have launched their Summer Reading Challenge information below.

If you get a chance, you might want to visit the new Catford Library that will be opening at the end of July.

Writing – Keep a journal or diary of some of the things that you do over the summer, this could include photographs, pictures you have drawn, writing and souvenirs from your holiday.

Maths – Help out in the kitchen by making a recipe. You could practice reading a scale by measuring ingredients. You could also practise division by sharing out snacks for the family.

Relaxing! – Listen to some of your favourite music, what does it make you think of? Play games with your family and friends. Build a den to relax in. Paint a picture, you could use summer as your inspiration.

On behalf of the whole Year 1 team, we would like to thank you all for such a wonderful year together. We wish you and your families a happy, healthy and relaxing Summer break! 😊

Tackling Race Inequality – The Holbeach Pledge

Holbeach are joining the family of Lewisham Schools and celebrating Windrush Day by signing a pledge to tackle race inequalities in our education system.

We will continue our work to address the inequalities that result from historic, systemic racist policies and practices.

We pledge to take actions that will address access and opportunity
for all pupils, by highlighting inequalities and increasing awareness.

We commit to:

  • Targeting ambitious outcomes for Black Caribbean heritage and Black and Minority Ethnic pupils
  • Reducing exclusions of Black Caribbean heritage pupils of all ages
  • Leaders and governors taking a whole school approach to embedding race equality
  • Transparent reporting and sharing of borough-wide data trends
  • Working together in new ways and sharing good practice to embed race equality in our school cultures and curriculum
  • Actively developing high quality relationships with Black Caribbean heritage and Black and Minority Ethnic pupils and their parents
  • Improving Black representation in school leadership and governing bodies

Race Equality Letter from Lewisham

Read the Holbeach Pledge here

Tackling Racism and Race Equality at Holbeach- Action Plan