Food Tasting Around the World 1L

This afternoon, we were lucky enough to try foods from many different cultures.

Some of us bought in some food from our own cultures. We looked on the map of the world to see where each dish is traditionally eaten.

Can your remember the names of the foods we ate? Can you remember where in the world the different dishes are originally from?

Which foods did you enjoy the most? Why?

Thank you to the families who sent in such delicious foods for us to try!

Home Learning – 30.6.22

Hello Year 2,

Next week is SPORTS WEEK! For your Home Learning, we would like you to come up with a 1-minute warm-up routine for us to use. For example:

  1. Jog on the spot for ten seconds.
  2. Do six star-jumps.
  3. Hop on your right foot four times.
  4. Hop on your left foot four times.
  5. Stretch all the way up and hold for three seconds.
  6. Relax

You can write sentences and/or draw pictures to illustrate your routine.

Miss Butler & Miss Crooks 😊

Year 1 Home Learning 27.06.22

We have taken part in lots of exciting things this week including strawberry picking at Stonepitts farm and Holbeach cultural week.

For your home learning this week, find out some facts about strawberries. How you record them is up to you. You could make an information poster, draw Stonepitts farm or write a list of facts that you find interesting.

You could also look for a recipe with strawberries in and have a go at following the recipe! Below are a couple of examples:

You may choose to carry on learning about different cultures at home. This week we have used our passport and visited these countries to learn about them:





You may want to find out more information about one of these countries or research a country of your choice. This could include finding music from a different country, listening to stories or finding out the Geography of another country. Perhaps you have family, friends or neighbours who you could ask about their culture?

We would love to hear what you find out next week!