Pastel Fruit Drawings and Jubilee Celebrations

Today we had a super fun day!

This morning, we drew our fruits using coloured pastels and at lunch time we celebrated the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

Tell someone at home about our day!

Have a wonderful half term break 1L! You all deserve a good rest after a busy start to the Summer Term! You have all worked so hard! I feel very proud of you all.

Seeds from home

It is fantastic to see our topic of ‘Let’s be Farmers’ really engaging the children. They have loved growing so much that they have brought in seeds from home to grow.

When eating fruit, the children collected the seeds to see what would grow in our outside area. They have been so patient during this busy half-term and we finally had some time this afternoon to plant those seeds! (If you were not in school today, we have saved your seeds for you.)

Year 1 have been so good at growing, I’m sure these seeds are going to grow really well.