1S Let’s be Farmers

This week we have really got stuck into our new topic! We have been de-weeding the outside area, preparing planters and planting new seeds.

The children have been working really hard to clear away old plants, weeds and turn all the soil over so that it is ready to grow new produce.

Use the pictures below to explain to someone at home what you had to do. We all deserve our 3 day weekend after our hard work in the garden!

6F – Visit to Down House

On Wednesday, we took a journey to Downe in Kent to explore the home of Charles Darwin.

We found out a lot about his life, his family and his experiments.

We then had the chance to perform our own experiment about the shape of finches beaks and how it supports the theory of evolution by natural selection. We made predictions, discussed how to ensure a fair test, performed the experiment (using safety goggles and gloves), recorded the results and then shared our conclusions.

We then went and had a picnic and some time to play.

We had a wonderful day (despite the long journey back) and everyone was engaged, well behaved and considerate. We even received 5 compliments from members of the public. Well done 6F, we are very proud of you!

Hands up who was exhausted!

Marvellous Minibeasts!

As part of our ‘Let’s Get Digging’ topic we went on a hunt for some creatures.

We found many different creatures including Ladybirds, Caterpillars, Spiders and lots of Snails!

We took a closer look at the snails and had a go at drawing their spiral shell.

We even made spiral shapes on the windows and rolled long snails using the playdough.

We have learnt some facts about snails. Can you tell your family something you have learnt about snails?

Can you find any minibeasts in the park or the garden? Remember to treat them very carefully. They all have an important job to do.

Here is the song we have been learning this week. You could find something at home to use as a drum.