Reading at Home

It’s nearly World Book Day! But it’s not just on Thursday 3rd March that we will be reading – we should read every day at home!

I would like you to show me how you read at home. Where do you read? Who do you read with? Send me a photograph of you enjoying a book at home!

Please email your photos to:

Don’t forget to tell me your name and class!

Thank you, from Miss Felton 🙂

Here are some home made reading dens to inspire you:

Chatter Time!

The children’s treasure boxes have helped the children to develop their communication skills this week. They sat in small groups and enjoyed spending time looking, playing and talking about the items in their box. The adults encouraged lots of speaking by asking open ended questions, some of the children were very good at this too! All of the children really enjoyed the treasure boxes and I have found it has had a great impact on not only the children’s language and communication but also the children’s self-confidence as they were more confident to talk amongst the group.

Top Tips: here are some top tips for encouraging Language and Communication

• Have fun with rhymes and songs

• Value any communication not just words and always respond to your child

• Spend time looking at books, playing and talking

• Talk about things as they happen eg. as you’re getting dressed in the morning

• If a child says something incorrectly repeat it the correct way

• Take turns to speak and listen carefully

• Make your own treasure boxes about subjects that interest your child

Red Class and the 40 sticks

We heard the story of Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves. We have been investigating 10’s and the number 40.

First we looked at ways to organise 10 sticks. Can you see what we did?

Then we counted in 10’s. Try our song to help:

Then we counted 10 sticks each. Our challenge was to make a group of children with 40 sticks between us. We did lots of counting and making totals.

Then we looked at different ways to arrange our 40 sticks to count them easily. Which idea do you like?