1S Winter Walk

Today we wrapped up warm and braved the windy weather to go on a winter walk. As part of our science learning we have been tracking the changing seasons and identifying signs that show these.

Take a look at the pictures below. What signs of winter did you see? What were people wearing? How did it feel when you were on the walk?

We also stood under the same tree as our Autumn Walk to identify how it has changed since last season. What do you think? What is the same or different about the tree now, compared to when we saw it in Autumn?

Sorting animals

Today in Science we began comparing the similarities and differences between animals, including humans.

First we thought of and shared our favourite animal using the word ‘because’ to say why. Then we looked at 5 different classifications of animals:

Reptiles, Birds, Mammals, Fish and Amphibians. We identified which group our favourite animal belonged too.

Next we sorted different animals according to our own questions. Take a look below to see how the children decided to sort the animals.

The questions were very interesting. Can you think of anymore questions you could ask as a way to sort animals?

Red Class: 3 is our magic number

This week we have been thinking about the number 3. We used our whole bodies to count in 3’s. Get us to show you how…

1-1 arm up

2-2 arms up

3-both arms down and hands on your head

all together…1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

We counted objects and practised writing numbers 1, 2, 3

Here is a song to help with your counting in 3’s

1S Boom Whackers

In 1S we have been learning to play the Boom Whackers. This week was only our second lesson but we were so impressed with how well the children were listening to the rhythm of the songs and playing the notes in time.

Below you can see pictures of us ready to play:

Here is a little sneak preview of some of us playing the Boom Whackers too. We all had a turn of today but not all of us were filmed. If you weren’t filmed today keep an eye out because next time it will be you in the video!!

(Warning: The video may make you a bit dizzy and will definitely make you smile!!)