Literacy – Innovating Macbeth

We have written our own versions of Macbeth. We changed the characters and the setting, thinking about the places where we could add our own detail to the version of the story that we have been using in class.

Using powerful verbs and adjectives we have thought about how we can bring the action of the story to life for our readers.

2T’s Memorable Experience

Over the past couple of weeks, 2T have been working hard on a cross curricular DT and English project. Based on the theme of ‘Old Toys’ we designed and made Jumping Jacks and Spinners. We also wrote a book about our Jumping Jacks, that includes our designs, instructions and an evaluation.

On Thursday we set up our classroom to look like a museum. We put out our toys and books and invited some guests to come along and look at all of hard work. We were visited by Mr Bulpitt, Mr Morris, Miss Little and all of 1L to name a few! We talked to our guests about how we made the toys, gave some demonstrations of how they work and showed people our books.

This week in 5A

This week, 5A have been taking charge of their learning. They’ve been building estuaries out of paper, building bridges and designing boats, as well as having a go at a variety of other tasks to really embed our learning and understanding of work previously done. And we’re definitely looking forward to doing more next week!

Using building blocks to build a bridge over the river. I wonder if it will be able to hold anything?
How many marbles will a tin foil boat hold? We’ve been predicting, designing, redesigning and evaluating!
Some intricate work going on here – making estuaries out of paper. Some great learning going on, as well as some fine motor skills!

We’ve explored Space!

This week, we have enjoyed continuing our journey into space by learning about our solar system, the importance of space exploration and the role of astronauts. We have read various stories set in space and have drawn space maps and designed rockets.

In maths, we created 2D and 3D rockets with various different resources, such as magnets and wooden blocks, and then discussed how we designed them and the various shapes that were used.

Home Learning: