Safari visit tomorrow

In 1S we are really looking forward to our visit to Port Lympne Safari Park tomorrow!

Today we have been looking at the map of he safari park and thinking about the rules for tomorrow. We wrote some rules altogether and then wrote them in our books. We also added some of our own.

We have also been imagining what a safari Park might look like. We used the pens to draw enclosures and roads in our very own safari park.


Wow, Holbeach! We have raised so much money already- £1,329.22! Well done and keep going!

I would really like to put some posters up around the school to promote the event. If you would like to make a poster, I will display it for everyone to see! Don’t forget to make it bright and colourful and include all the important details including the different exercises to practise and the time and date of the event.

These links will help remind you all about the event.

I can’t wait to see your fantastic posters!

Miss Little

Dear Zoo

This week the nursery children have been enjoying the book ‘Dear Zoo.’

The children have been learning how to hold the book the right way up, turn one page at a time and be very careful with the flaps.

We have been playing with the animals from the story.
We sequenced the story and spoke about the beginning and the end.
We pretended to own lots of pets and cared for them.
We drew some pets.
Can you share the story with your family? Don’t forget to join in with the words.

Computing – track pad skills.

So far this half term we have been talking about information technology and identifying technology around us. Today we began learning some computer skills. Using the pictures below, can you identify the different parts of the laptop?

We started by using the keyboard to log in and then Miss Spicer put us on a puzzle game to help us improve our dragging and dropping skills. We had to hold down the left click to select and use the trackpad to move the pieces into place.

Can you tell someone at home what you had to do? What did you enjoy? Was anything tricky?