3L – We made a Clay Tile of a Victorian House

Finally, we added the detail of the brickwork and the roof tiles. We used clay tools to create the different textures.

Our tiles are now ready to be fired in a kiln.

Red Class showed racism the red card

Today we showed that we will stand up to racism. We wore red clothes, or ribbons, or shoes, or hats to show our support in showingthe red card. We think we look great in red clothes-Red Class.

We revisited our Black History Month inspiring heroes. Look back at the blog and see what you remember.

Next we are looking forward to delicious cakes at the end of the day.

Have a lovely half-term from Red Class.

Black History Month in 2B!

This month, we have been inspired by various significant black people throughout history. We looked into the lives of scientists, inventors, athletes, explorers, musicians, doctors/nurses, authors, illustrators and many more. Take a look at some of our work!