3L’s Home Learning


Learn this week’s spellings – they are in your Home Learning Book.


Practise your 5 times table on Rock Stars Times Table and try and beat your score each time!

Go on mymaths and have a go at the 2, 5 and 10 multiplication questions.

Computing – we have been learning about how to keep safe online. Let’s see if we can remember some of the things we have learnt.


Year 2 – Home Learning 30.9.21

Hello Year 2,

This week, we have been reading/learning the story, ‘The Gruffalo’ by Julia Donaldson! Today, we made puppet theatres to help us retell the story.

For your Home Learning, we would like you to practise retelling the story to someone at home, using your puppet theatres (these will be sent home on Friday).

Also, remember to check My Maths and Bug Club!

Miss Butler and Miss Townsend 🙂

Home Learning -30th September

Literacy – In your home learning book you will find this literacy activity. Think about the different synonyms (words which have a similar meaning) that you can use to make your writing more interesting

Maths- We played this game to help us to practise rounding to the nearest 10. Roll a dice 3 times to make a number. Decide if you round up or down and then colour in the correct number that you are rounding to. You can play the game with a partner and take it in turns – who can score the most points? If you don’t have dice, you can just make some number cards to generate your digits

Don’t forget that there are some tasks on MyMaths and that you can look at some books on BugClub.

Year Two – Toy Museum 29.9.21

Yesterday we had a very exciting visit from Pollock’s Toy Museum. Jack, who works in the museum, brought with him a selection of old and new toys for us to look at.

We got to look at a doll that was 140 years old! We discussed what materials we thought the doll was made from and how we had to be very careful when we were holding it.

Here are some more photos from the visit. We also got to look at and hold some old toys from different countries like Russia. We got to experiment with some toys that move and guess what we thought made the toys move up and down or forwards and backwwards.

What was your favourite toy? Mine was the chicken toy that we had to spin the ball round in order to make the chicken heads move up and down.

Miss Townsend

Year 1 Home Learning 30.9.21

This week in Maths we have been practicing adding by counting on. We helped Handa from our story count all of the fruit in 2 different baskets.

Can you have a go at adding by counting on at home? You could use cards, dice or a random number generator on the internet to choose numbers to add.

Once you have 2 numbers count each number out. You could use things you find in your home to help you like buttons, counters, beads or raisins.

Then put the biggest number in your head and use your finger to point and count on the next number. Don’t forget to record your number sentences.

7 + 4 =

As a challenge you may want to try adding 3 numbers together.

Don’t forget mymaths and numbots is also available for you to use.