Isle of Wight- The Needles and Blackgang Chine

We had had a fantastic day!

The sun shone for our boat trip around the Needles. We took a chairlift down to the beach and then got on to the boat. It was beautiful!

We were a bit apprehensive but it was really fun!

After that, we got back on to the coach to Blackgang Chine.

1S Strawberry Picking 🍓

Today year 1 went on an educational visit to Stonepitts Farm.

First we all got on the coach, excited for our day to begin.

When we arrived at the farm, Jackie who is one of the farmers, talked to us about how traditional strawberries are grown.

Weall had an empty punnet to begin with.

Before we picked strawberries for our punnet, we all got to try one.

Then the picking began. Can you remember what strawberries we were looking for? How many do you think you picked?

Florence found strawberries with her name!

After that, we had a picnic lunch and luckily the weather stayed dry for us.

After a good run around the field it was time to head home! It was a fantastic day. Thank you to all the adults that came and helped.

Enjoy your strawberries eveyone!!

Isle of Wight – Osbourne House and Carisbrooke Castle

We have had a wonderful day so far. After a big breakfast, we made our way to Osbourne House which was Queen Victoria’s holiday home.

It was a rainy start but we had a great time in the house. Then the rain stopped so we were able to have a play on the playground and have a picnic on the beach.

After lunch, we got back on the coach and went to Carisbrooke Castle, where we met Ed, a bowsman.

Now we are back at the hotel having some down time before tonight’s dinner and the beach!

Isle of Wight – First Evening

We’ve arrived at the hotel safe and sound! After a lovely dinner of pizza, chips and ice cream, we went to the beach for a splash in the sea. It was really beautiful and sunny and then the rain came!

Everyone is back at the hotel now and after a warm shower, we’ve gone off to bed.

We’re looking forward to tomorrow and keeping our fingers crossed that the sun will come back out!

1L- Who Pushed Humpty Dumpty?!

Last Friday, a terrible crime happened…

Humpty was pushed off a wall…AGAIN!

PC Lucie needed help to solve this crime…

Luckily the police officers in 1L were ready to help!

They found a witness and used Mrs William’s statement to help them.

1L then planned and wrote some reports for The Fairytale Times.

Here we are planning our reports. We drew a map to help us remember. Then we practised telling each other our reports.

Here are the finished reports. Can you help?

Look at our wonderful writing! Well done 1L!