Billy’s Beetle. What did Red Class see?

Red Class have been thinking about beetles this week. We learnt lots of beetle facts, and today we shared the story Billy’s Beetle.

We first looked at the cover of the book, and then one page from the story. We used our story detective skills to spot things in the picture. Then we said and wrote sentences starting with the words “I can see…”. This is the picture we looked at so carefully:

Just look at all the things we saw. Can you see them too?

Check out our writing for full-stops and capital letters! We can use them.


This week in the nursery we have been learning about different types of vegetables and discussing the health benefits of eating our greens!

Top Time Tellers.

Red Class have been learning to tell the time this week. We read the story of the Bad Tempered Ladybird by Eric Carle.

We wanted to learn to tell the time for o’clock and half-past. It was tricky. Here’s what we have been practising…

Look at us making times on our clocks in class. We helped each other to remember what to do. It’s important to get the big hand and the small hand in the right place.