Red Class have the Capacity!

Red Class have been thinking about measuring liquids. We spotted one thing very quickly. You can’t hold liquids in your hands to measure them.

So, we started looking at containers.

Once we started looking, we saw them everywhere…

We spotted that they all had a number in millilitres (ml) written on the labels. We investigated and found that liquids are measured in millilitres. Wow!

We collected some containers in class and decided to order them from smallest to biggest. Most of us thought that the tall, thin container would hold the most liquid.

We experimented to find out if we were right. We counted how many times a 50 millilitre (50ml) container could be used to fill the containers.

Ask us which container had the largest capacity. Clue: It wasn’t the tall thin one! Can you guess which one it was?

Once we started to investigate, we couldn’t stop. We poured, measured and counted to find the capacity of lots of containers.

We are great capacity and measure investigators.

Red Class Togetherness Celebration

We have been thinking about how good it is to be back at school with each other. We wanted to celebrate with a party, so this what we did.

We made hats.

We wore party clothes.

We ate party food.

Then we went upstairs to the rooftop playground, with Purple Class.

We danced and sang. We played move and freeze games. We had a fantastic time.

Goodbye 1S Ducklings 🐥

Today we said goodbye to the ducklings that we have been looking after. The children and staff had mixed emotions as they said goodbye. That’s OK to feel this, it is sad to see them go especially as we’d looked after them so well. We can be happy though that not only have they been well looked after but they are going back to the farm where they will get more space as they grow.

Goodbye ducklings we have loved having you in our class and watching you grow! We love you 🐣♥️

We made goodbye cards to send to them. 🐥

1L Goodbye Ducklings

Today, we said our final goodbye to the ducklings! They are going to have a lovely life on the farm. We will miss them though! Look at us saying our goodbyes…

We made some lovely goodbye cards for them to look at on the farm so they don’t forget us. Here are some of our lovely cards.

While the ducklings have been in 1L we have been writing in our Duckling Diaries so that we can remember them forever! We wrote about how they changed everyday and what they got up to with us. Here we are proudly sharing our work! Well done 1L!

We are now duck experts. Here are some of the facts we learnt…

1S Duckling Diaries

For the past 2 weeks we have been keeping a duckling diary and writing entries about the eggs arriving, ducklings hatching and lots more!

Today we were feeling particularly proud of ourselves and wanted to show our hard work! We were writing facts about ducks and everyone worked hard to write down facts they found interesting for their diaries.

I hope when you look at the photos below you see not only their lovely pieces of work but also the pride on their faces. Super work 1S!!!