Nursery visit the Moon!

This week the children have been enjoying lots of books related to space. We have made rockets, dressed as astronauts and have been learning to count backwards from 5.

Today we took inspiration from the story ‘Whatever Next.’ We made sandwiches and had a picnic on the moon.

Look out of your window. Can you see the moon? What shape can you see tonight?

The Little Red Hen – Told by 1S

In year 1 have been learning the story of ‘The Little Red Hen’. We have tasted and made bread as part of our learning.

This week we have become storytellers and have been learning to tell the story. We used actions and story maps to help us remember the words. We have had great fun telling the story.

For one of our lessons this week we worked in groups and each played one of the characters, telling the story as we went along.

Today we recorded the story for you to share at home. You can watch it using the link below.

Red Class in the Spring

On Monday, we planted cress seeds, we gave them some water and placed the trays around the room.

On Tuesday, some of the seeds had started to germinate. We talked about which trays had most seeds starting to grow and why that might be.

We watched this video, and in PE we pretended to be little beans, we slowly grew until we were waving in the breeze and feeling the warm sun on our leaves.

We shared this story and then we slowed down and hurried up as we pretended to be hares, tortoises, butterflies, caterpillars and bees in PE.

Handa’s Surprise!

This week nursery have been enjoying the story ‘Handa’s Surprise.’

Here are some photos of some of the busy activities we have done to understand the story better.

Can you tell your families the story of Handa’s Surprise? What happened at the end of the story?